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Brimstone Sands

A large reptilian creature with colorful frill that comes off its neck walks toward the viewer, this mouth is open showing pointy teeth and a forked tongue.
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Explore a New Zone

Brimstone Sands provides a new experience unlike anything else in Aeternum. Roughly the size of 2.5 Everfalls, it features new enemies to fight, a new territory to control, and new stories to uncover.

A character wearing red and gold points the Greatsword at the viewer.
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Wield the Greatsword

Master a powerful new two-handed weapon that utilizes stances to adapt to different offensive and defensive situations.

Multiple characters crouch in a room with a glowing red object in the middle. There are symbols made of light on the walls
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Solve an Ancient Mystery

Survive new challenges in a quest to discover the source of vast power hidden within the ancient ruins of Akhet.