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New World is Now on Sale for 50% Off

02 November 2022

Greetings, Adventurers!

New World is now on sale for 50% off through Steam and Amazon until 10AM PST on November 8. We recently celebrated our first anniversary, and will continue to make the game even more accessible through frequent updates based on player feedback. Following the release of Brimstone Sands and Fresh Start Worlds, now is the best time to start your adventure in Aeternum. Here are some insights for you to get started, learn more about major updates and events, and see what’s next.

New Player Guide

We chatted with BDLG and Redbyrd, the creators of, to help new players make the most out of their experience. Unfamiliar with New World? No problem.

“Take it slow and don’t get overwhelmed,” BDLG said. ”You will learn as you go. It is 100% okay to not know anything when you start. That’s part of the fun. Enjoy the ride and the knowledge will come.“

Check out our full interview with BDLG and Redbyrd for more in-depth tips.

Fresh Start Worlds

Conquer untouched territory, amass vast wealth, and forge new reputations when Fresh Start Worlds come to Aeternum on November 2. All characters, coins, and loot must originate in these servers. That means no powerful or rich Adventurers can transfer into any of the new worlds. Join one as soon as they launch to enjoy a blank canvas with the rest of the community. What will you claim?

Revamped Starting Experience

The first 25 levels of the game were overhauled based on community feedback. Here’s what to expect:

  • Start the adventure with friends: Players spawn in one of several zones at the beginning of the game. Head to a friend’s location to play early quests together.

  • Multiple ways for solo and group players to progress: There are different objectives for certain quests that give you the option to remain solo or join a group of players depending on your preferred experience.

  • Diverse objectives to keep gameplay fresh: Objectives range from puzzle and traversal challenges to unique interactions with the world and dynamic events. There’s always something new to find.

  • An epic adventure surrounding the mysteries of Aeternum: Conquer new enemies, obstacles, and locations to reveal the truth about the eternal isle.

Most Recent Major Update: Brimstone Sands Release

New players can look forward to enjoying our largest release yet once they get closer to level 60. Brimstone Sands is a vast new zone featuring a variety of unique quests that span distinct points of interest such as the Ennead, unforgettable enemies like the giant sandworm, and more of Aeternum’s secrets. You never know what you’ll discover next.

What’s Happening Now in New World: Return to Aeternum

Watch your favorite Twitch streamers forge a new legacy into their very own fresh start worlds in Return to Aeternum. Four teams will race to complete server-wide objectives across all aspects of the game. Follow thrilling adventures, gain access to unique Twitch Drops, and see which world will level up the fastest from November 2 to 18. You can also track live stats, team positions, and more on the Return to Aeternum webpage.

What’s Next for New World: October Team Update

Our October Team Update video teases some of the updates, quality of life improvements, and player requested changes coming to Aeternum next year. Watch the video below or catch all of the highlights in our recap article.

Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.