Flail Showcase

11 settembre 2023

Ciao, avventuriero!

Il Mazzafrusto è una versatile arma a una mano con la possibilità di fare scudo immediato. Use arcane magic to enhance its attacks and buff allies or debuff enemies to aid in victory. Through a combination of melee, arcane magic, and strong defenses, the wielder can bolster their group’s effectiveness without having to drop the offensive. We joined the Design Team for a deeper look at the Flail’s design, weapon comparisons, and Weapon Mastery Trees, plus some other neat tidbits.

Progettazione di gameplay

What the Flail lacks in raw damage, it makes up for in survivability, support, and utility. Whether you swipe, thrust, strike, or unleash magical AoEs, all attacks have buffs/debuffs that alter their combat function.

Versatility is another notable quality of the weapon. Several Flail passives and upgrades function differently based on your shield type and the combat situation. This customization extends to playstyle. Most abilities feature support-focused attack upgrades, so solo players can potentially forego these skills to better spec themselves out for their own survival.


  • Attack speed: Media

  • Effective range: Extended Melee

  • Buffs: Alta

  • Debuffs: Alta

  • Roles: Support and Tank

  • Punti di forza: Survivability, utility and versatility, support, defense

  • Weaknesses: Low damage, 1v1 combat

  • Unique Mechanics:

    • Extra range:

      • Flail tip extends during attacks to add additional reach.

    • Impairment:

      • A status effect that combines both a damage over time effect and weaken.

Weapon Comparison

Here’s a breakdown of how the Flail compares to other weapons:

  • Bastone della vita

    • Più debole in: Healing, Range

    • Quasi uguale in: DPS, Buffing

    • Più potente in: Debuffing, Melee

  • Guanto del Vuoto

    • Più debole in: Damage, Range, Healing

    • Quasi uguale in: Buffing/Debuffing

    • Più potente in: Crowd Control, Survivability

  • Spada/scudo

    • Più debole in: Fewer Defensive Actions, Tanking, DPS

    • Quasi uguale in: Buffing/Support

    • Più potente in: Utility, Ally Support

  • Accetta

    • Più debole in: DPS, Speed

    • Quasi uguale in: Self buffing

    • Più potente in: Supporto

Confronto della portata dei danni

Similar to the Sword, most Flail damage will scale to Strength, however the weapon’s utility and support will be linked to Focus instead of Dexterity. All healing, and various other support functions, scale exclusively with Focus.

  • Mazzafrusto e scudo

    • Forza: 90%

    • Concentrazione 65%

  • Spada e Accetta

    • Forza: 90%

    • Destrezza: 65%

  • Guanto del Vuoto

    • Intelligenza 90%

    • Focus 65%

  • Ice Gauntlet / Fire Staff

    • Intelligenza 100%

  • Bastone della vita

    • Concentrazione 100%

  • Spadone

    • Forza: 80%

    • Destrezza: 80%

  • Ascia grande e Martello da guerra

    • Forza: 100%

  • Lancia

    • Forza: 65%

    • Destrezza: 90%

Weapon Pairings

The Flail is a solid weapon for Focus or Strength builds. Due to its support traits, it is not intended to be a strong DPS backup for other Focus builds. Aid in melee ranged combat and help your allies succeed with these suggested weapon pairings:

  • Flail / Life Staff - Focus and Support based weapon. The primary use is for self and group survival, and support/healing.

  • Flail / Void Gauntlet - Focus and Support based weapon. You can lean into the healing and support aspect, or utilize the Void Gauntlet's damaging abilities for a more versatile combination of damage and support.

  • Flail / Sword and Shield - Tank and Support focused. Its primary use is for self-survival, support, and drawing aggro.

  • Flail / War Hammer, Great Axe, Hatchet, or Greatsword - Off-Tank/DPS. This combination is used as a secondary on damage focused builds to add some survivability and buffing/support.

Cleric Weapon Mastery Tree

Utilizes arcane magic to enhance the power of attacks while also buffing and healing allies and debuffing enemies.

  • Arcane Smite (Area denial and damage - upgradable support)

    • Strike the ground with arcane force to deal damage to all targets around the point of impact. A lingering area of effect attack will inflict Impairment to any remaining enemies.

    • Upgrades grant buffs and lifesteal

  • Arcane Vortex (Area of effect and damage - upgradeable support)

    • Swirl the Flail to create multiple hits of arcane energy around you and deal repeated damage to all nearby targets. This ability also creates an aura that empowers allies.

    • Upgrades grant healing and a cleanse.

  • Arcane Eruption (Damage over time and crowd control - upgradable support)

    • Strike the weapon against the ground to unleash an eruption of arcane energy in front you. This deals damage and inflicts Impairment. You’ll also automatically follow up with a strong melee attack.

    • Upgrades grant a small self-heal and a stronger chain heal to nearby allies.

  • Better Together Ultimate: While within close proximity of allies, everyone will gain a passive heal over time.

  • Notable passive - Leader Of The Pack:

    • When no allies are nearby, you will deal increased damage.

    • When 1 or more allies are nearby, they will deal additional damage.

Bastion Weapon Mastery Tree

Utilizes crowd control and defensive strategies to buff self and support allies in combat.

  • Barrage (Gap closer and damage - upgradable support)

    • Sprint forward while passing through all allies and enemies, and blocking all frontal attacks. Upon reaching the max distance or manual activation, leap forward swirling the flail around and then slamming the flail into the ground dealing damage at the impact point.

    • Upgrade inflict some damage to the area around the impact point and Fortify allies within range.

  • Trip (crowd control)

    • Swing the Flail forward to trip a target in front of you and knock them to the ground.

    • Upgrades Rend target and Fortify self. You can also deliver a powerful follow up attack.

  • Warding Bludgeon (Defensive - upgradable support)

    • The most defensive Flail attack. Leap into the air and trigger a burst of energy to grant a defensive buff to yourself and all nearby allies before slamming down on nearby enemies.

    • Notable Upgrade - Best Friends - When activating the ability, you will become linked to a nearby ally. While the link is active, you both gain damage absorption, and the ally deals more damage.

  • Human Shield Ultimate: Hitting a target with an ability while near an ally will grant them a buff. The ally’s damage taken is then reduced and absorbed by the Flail wielder.

  • Notable Passive - Vital Suppressant:

    • While above 50% health, damage taken is reduced.

    • While below 50% health, block stamina damage taken is reduced.

Get an early feel for the weapon during our next PTR and then look forward to the release of the Flail alongside Rise of the Angry Earth on October 3. Grazie per il vostro supporto! Ci vediamo su Aeternum!