Turkulon Rewards and Lore

16 de noviembre de 2022
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¡Saludos, aventureros!

Turkulon is back for revenge. Hunt down the feathered menace and his ‘fowl army’ to earn unique rewards. Thanks to player feedback from last year, enemies will now respawn faster and offer more loot. Get the last gobble before this event ends on December 6.

Turkulon wasn’t always a threat. Find out the story behind our Thanksgiving world boss, plus a list of rewards that might not make players feel so bad about skinning countless turkeys.

Turkulon Lore

What started as an office joke about a giant turkey with laser eyes turned into an actual world boss when one of our AI designers made Turkulon on the side, said Level Designer Zachary Holm. Here is the in-game origin story for Aeternum’s most fearsome Turkey:

Around the year 1600, a Farmer needed 100 turkeys to feed the settlement for the upcoming holiday feast. With his deadline fast approaching, the Farmer found an Ancient device that flowed with the power of Azoth. Wondering what would happen if he put his prized turkey in there...

This device had unintended side effects, and the beast became far larger than one could imagine - and escaped!

As rumors circled of a giant, monstrous bird and pamphlets started hitting the town boards, the Farmer (not one to spoil good publicity) promptly announced that he had created Turkulon the Peaceful Giant.

The holiday feast ensued, but Turkulon was not happy with the deaths of his feathered friends. The turkeys of Aeternum have been hunted for centuries. But during the fall seasons, the hunted become the hunters as Turkulon seeks vengeance on all settlers for its fallen flock!

Event Rewards

Regular turkeys and Turkulon reward players with different loot. Use the Turkulon’s Claw Skinning Knife to ‘finish your food’ for even more rewards. Each regular turkey has a 10% chance of dropping one.

Some items marked below have daily limits. These reset at 5 AM local time. For example, if a player grabs three Turkey’s Treasures at 4:58 AM, they’ll be able to earn another at 5:01 AM.

Regular Turkey Loot

Regular turkeys can be found scattered across the map. Players will likely spend more time skinning than fighting them.

  • Diamond Gypsum - (20% Drop Chance)

    • Daily Limit: 6 per day.

  • Turkey’s Treasure - (20% Drop Chance)

    • Contains coin.

    • Daily Limit: 3 per day.

  • Turkulon’s Claw Skinning Knife - (10% Drop Chance)

    • Limit: One per event.

    • This knife will vanish after the event.

Turkulon’s Claw Skinning Knife Rewards from Regular Turkeys

Skin regular turkeys with the event-specific Turkulon Skinning Knife for additional loot:

  • Infused Turkey Coating (20% Drop Chance)

    • Daily Limit: 5 per day.

    • Major damage boost against Turkulon.

    • Minor damage boost against other beasts.

    • This item will no longer be available after the event.

  • Infused Turkey Ward Potion (20% Drop Chance)

    • Daily Limit: 5 per day.

    • Major damage absorption from Turkulon’s attacks.

    • Minor damage absorption from other beasts.

    • This item will no longer be available after the event.

Turkulon Drops

Turkulon can be found in specific locations throughout Everfall, Brightwood, Mourningdale, Restless Shore, Windward, Monarch’s Bluffs, First Light and Cutlass Keys. Team up with your friends, Faction, and fellow Adventurers to take down this level 66 feathered avenger of death for the following rewards. Note that players must deal a minimum amount of damage to receive rewards.

Players are guaranteed to receive all of the rewards after killing Turkulon 15 times. For instance, if someone has yet to receive the Feat-O-Plenty Food Trophy after 14 kills, then Turkulon will drop it on his next death. Similarly, if they only had the trophy after 14 kills, then the loot from the following Turkulon kill would include the pet, seat, and boots skin rewards.

  • Massive Turkey Leg - (100% Drop Chance)

    • Daily Limit: 5 per day

    • Used to craft special Roasted Monstrous Turkey Dinner.

      • Temporarily increases Constitution and Luck.

      • Slowly recovers health.

      • Potency scales depending on player level.

  • Feat-O-Plenty Food Trophy - (3% Drop Chance)

    • Limit: One per event

    • Increases duration of all Food effects when placed in your house.

  • Turkuless Disgruntled Fowl Pet - (31% Drop Chance)

    • Limit: One per event.

    • Makes "gobble-gobble" sounds while it sits in your house.

  • Turkulon Egg Seat - (2% Drop Chance)

    • Limit: One per week.

  • Turkulon’s Juicy Calves Boots Skin - (9% Drop Chance)

    • Limit: One per event.

We’re especially thankful for the support of our players as we head into the holiday season! Thanks for your continued feedback. Nos vemos en Aeternum.