Arenas: Devs Vs. Creators Stream

11 May 2022

Greetings, Adventurers!

Cheer on some of your favorite New World content creators as they battle our development team in 3v3 Arena matches. Each week different creators and developers will face off in five Arena matches to showcase the new PvP mode. Join any of the participating creators’ Twitch streams for banter with our development team, a Twitch Drop, and strategies to use in your next PvP encounter. Make sure to tune in on May 12th, 19th, and June 1 at 11AM PT (6PM UTC) so you don’t miss any of the action.

Twitch Drop - Combatant’s Supply Chest

The Combatant’s Supply Chest Twitch Drop is packed to the brim with level appropriate loot to help improve your performance in PvP battles. This unique Twitch Drop will be available for 96 hours after the end of each event. Viewers will need to watch 2 hours of New World to earn each Drop. Once earned, players can claim their chest(s) through the ‘Item Claim’ tab found within the in-game store after the content update that introduces the 3v3 PvP Arena. Please visit our Twitch Drops page for more details on how to link your accounts and collect them.

You can collect a total of 3 supply chests, 1 per event. Please note that once the Drop collection window has ended, your progress will not carry over to the next Twitch Drop. Each supply chest will have the same contents, listed below. Charge more confidently into the Arena with:

  • 2 Vials each containing 1,000 Azoth Salt – Azoth Salt is our new PvP Currency that allows you to purchase PvP exclusive rewards.

  • 3 random pieces of exclusive PvP focused gear with higher rarities and PvP centric perks.

  • 5 Health Potions – these will instantly restore a portion of your health, so don’t enter the arena without them!

  • 10 Stat Boosting Food – Come hungry, because the chest will reward you with level appropriate specialty food to boost a specific attribute stat (STR, DEX, INT, FOC, CON). You’ll receive 2 Stat Boosting Food per stat for a total of 10 items.

  • 2 Honing Stones – These will boost your weapon damage by a percentage for a period of time to help you dish out major damage.

  • 2 Gemstone Dust - This increases your elemental damage absorption by a percentage for a period of time and is very helpful against the mages of Aeternum.

  • 2 Oakflesh Balms – This will increases absorption of Physical damage types (Slash/Strike/Thrust) by a percentage for a period of time or a total number of hits are received. Like the name implies, this balm will make you sturdy as an oak in close melee encounters.

Weekly Developer and Creator Participants

Different trios of content creators and developers will step into the ring each week. Check out the creators’ Twitch channels to watch the event, hear the developer’s commentary, and witness high-level PvP gameplay. The New World development team has been hard at work to create a new PvP Arena experience, but how will that knowledge translate into skill?

May 12th at 11AM (6PM UTC)

  • Mike Willette, World Experience Lead

  • Chris Corey, Designer

  • Patrick Smedley, Game Designer

May 19th at 11AM (6PM UTC)

  • Dave Verfaillie, Creative Director

  • Drew Higbee, Senior Product Manager

  • Kevin Mesnard, QA

June 1 at 11AM (6PM UTC)

  • Mike Willette, World Experience Lead

  • Dave Hall, Gameplay Design Manager

  • Zach Holm, Level Designer

Join the PTR for Early Access to New Features

The Public Test Realm (PTR) is a server that gives players an early look at upcoming features, like Arenas. These preview builds are snapshots of upcoming major releases and are not final versions. You may encounter bugs, crashes, missing text, or other issues. Work together with the rest of the community and our team to help us catch and resolve all serious issues before they reach live servers, and provide your feedback on features making their way to Aeternum. The current PTR has Arenas, new mutators, and more— learn how you can participate in our PTR details article.

Thanks for your support! We look forward to seeing the unique strategies players create for this new game mode, especially in the Devs Vs. Creators showdowns. See you in the Arena.