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Season 2 Key Art
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Season 2 - Blood of the Sands Season 2 - Blood of the Sands

Get ready for new PvP activities, Trials, Transmog, and a massive sandwurm in the next major release.

Season 1 Key Art.
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Season 1 - Fellowship & Fire Season 1 - Fellowship & Fire

Look forward to more frequent content like new narratives, features, gameplay experiences, and a Season Pass with two reward tracks.

Image showing the Winter Convergence Festival.
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Winter Convergence Festival Update Winter Convergence Festival Update

Join in the quest to defeat the Winter Warrior, explore a fresh take on a familiar Expedition, and enjoy quality of life improvements to Trade Skills, Companies, and the Group Finder.

Brimstone Sands Key Art
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Brimstone Sands Release Brimstone Sands Release

A new zone, Expedition, revamped starting experience, weapon, seasonal event, and combat mechanic are coming to Aeternum.

Image showing Summer Medleyfaire, on the bottom left you see characters dancing on the right you see a character holding a fish, three playing instruments, and one dressed for a masquerade.
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July Update - Summer Medleyfaire July Update - Summer Medleyfaire

Discover musical instruments, the Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition, new features, perk changes, trade skill updates, and more.

Two teams, each with 3 characters, face-off in the new 3v3 arena
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May Update - Arenas May Update - Arenas

Enjoy new PvP events and rewards, new quests and challenges with Varangian Knights Episode Two, and three new Expedition Mutators. Find more update information here.

Isabella stands, consumed by corruption, framed by two scenes of corruption.
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March Update - Heart of Madness March Update - Heart of Madness

The Heart of Madness update introduces the new Blunderbuss weapon, alongside the culmination of the Isabella storyline.

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January Update - Mutators January Update - Mutators

Expedition Mutators have released in New World! Learn about the new ways to experience Expeditions alongside the other changes and updates.

Winter Convergence Festival
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December Update: Winter Convergence Festival December Update: Winter Convergence Festival

The Winter Convergence and Winter Wanderer have arrived in Aeternum, alongside major changes to New World's end game and a variety of other changes.