Elite Trial: Arena of Shah Neshen, The Devourer

19 June 2023

Greetings, Adventurers!

Go behind the scenes for a better look at the massive sandwurm, elite rewards, and roaring audio that comprise Aeternum’s greatest challenge yet. Skill alone is insufficient. Players brave enough to enter the Arena of Shah Neshen must coordinate throughout multiple phases. How will you defeat the Devourer?


Topple the mighty beast and wear your exclusive Sandwurm hides with pride. There are daily, weekly, and basic rewards:

Weekly Rewards

The Major Sandwurm Spoils Reward Cache can be earned once per week and will contain:

  • 1 Named Sandwurm Weapon (625 Gear Score fixed-perk weapon, trinket, or LMH armor piece. Guaranteed expertise bump)

  • 3 Gypsum Orbs

  • Heartrune of the Devourer Tier 1

  • 8000 Umbral Shards

  • 200 Sandwurm Materia

Daily Rewards

The Minor Sandwurm Spoils Reward Cache can be earned once per day and will contain:

  • 1 Sandwurm item:

    • 50% chance to receive a Named Sandwurm item at 625 Gear Score.

    • 50% chance to receive a Rolled Sandwurm item at 610 Gear Score.

  • 1 Timeless Shard

  • 2000 Umbral Shards

  • 1 Gypsum Orb

  • 200 Sandwurm Materia

Basic Rewards

The following rewards will be earned after each victory:

  • 1 Rolled Sandwurm item (scaled by expertise + 10 Gear Score)

  • 500 Umbral Shards

Materia Details

Players can use 1000 Sandwurm Materia to craft a named weapon or accessory from the Sandwurm loot table.

Sandwurm Items

  • Light Armor

    • Silken Litham - Headwear

    • Silken Cocoon - Chestwear

    • Silken Femora - Legwear

    • Silken Barbs - Gloves

    • Silken Cerci - Footwear

  • Medium Armor

    • Dune Maxillae - Headwear

    • Dune Tagma - Chestwear

    • Dune Podomere - Legwear

    • Dune Arolium - Gloves

    • Dune Euplantula - Footwear

  • Heavy Armor

    • Sandlion Mandibles - Headwear

    • Sandlion Carapace - Chestwear

    • Sandlion Coxa - Legwear

    • Sandlion Claws - Gloves

    • Sandlion Tarsus - Footwear

  • Shields

    • Round Sclerite Shield - Round Shield

    • Full Sclerite Shield - Kite Shield

    • Tall Sclerite Shield - Tower Shield

  • Jewelry

    • Ring of Shah Neshen - Ring

    • Earring of Shah Neshen - Earring

    • Amulet of Shah Neshen - Amulet

  • Melee Weapons

    • Sclerite Maul - War Hammer

    • Sclerite Hook - Hatchet

    • Sclerite Stinger - Spear

    • Sclerite Epee - Rapier

    • Sclerite Stylet - Sword

    • Sclerite Tusk - Greatsword

    • Sclerite Pincer - Great Axe

  • Ranged Weapons

    • Sclerite Quarry - Bow

    • Sclerite Hollow - Blunderbuss

    • Sclerite Vent - Musket

  • Magic Weapons

    • Sclerite Illicium - Life Staff

    • Sclerite Photocyte - Fire Staff

    • Sclerite Hajdi - Void Gauntlet

    • Sclerite Ice Crawler - Ice Gauntlet


Sound Designer Kyle Bailey shared insight into the sandwurm’s audio:

“By now, players have likely seen the sandwurm roaming Brimstone Sands and are familiar with the sonic palette we’ve used to establish what it can currently do,” Kyle said. “For the epic trial, we expanded upon that palette to create intentional gameplay cues and evoke a more fearsome creature.”

Ancient Vocals

“At the core of the sandwurm’s vocalizations is the ancient voice. Its tonality can be heard in the fight, layered with elephant vocals to create a base layer. Though, this wasn’t enough. More aggressive textures were needed to make the players feel that this beast was truly dangerous. So, I tapped our audio director Jean-Edouard Miclot to provide a fresh approach. Mixing his vicious creature design with the ancient voice gave us something new, yet terrifying with a hint of familiarity.”

Sizzling Acid

“The sound effects associated with the various attacks were designed with vocals in mind. I looked for opportunities to highlight one or the other at specific moments so they weren’t fighting for space in the mix. You may have noticed, acid is a major part of the worm’s repertoire. The sizzling we often associate with the burning sensation acid brings can take up a lot of space. I found that leaning into the more liquid textures provided a believable acid sound, without an overbearing amount of hiss and sizzle.”

Propane Tank Worm Pellets

“The worm pellet mechanic was very fun to work on. I took inspiration from the Gleamite meteors and the sounds they make when mined. I recorded a propane tank, as well as a metal bowl with a small layer of water. Filling metal receptacles with water and swishing it around can give you some awesome, tonally pitched sounds.”

Epic Encounter

“We wanted to kick this fight off in epic fashion. Players strike a drum and send ripples across the arid hills of Brimstone. Something shifts beneath the sand — its rhythm striking fear into the hearts of Aeternum’s travelers. Shah Neshen circles the creaky wooden structure, bursts open the gate, and finally destroys the drum. The fight has begun.”

Thanks for your support and good luck in the arena! You’ll need it.