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Store Showcase - Heart of Madness

30 March 2022

Greetings, Adventurers!

While the war rages deep in the Tempest’s Heart, the sounds of spring have sprung up across Aeternum. Time to dust the cobwebs from your homes, cleanse the musky scent from your armor, and polish those swords and spears as you ring in spring. To celebrate, a new batch of cosmetic items are releasing in the store alongside the Heart of Madness update on March 30, celebrating the vibrant nature in Aeternum, and are available in exchange for Marks of Fortune until April 18. As you’ll see showcased below, we’re also having a spring sale on a few items that showed up in the store last year. These items are discounted from their original prices, and will also be available in the in-game store until April 18.

Before we dive into the new cosmetic items, we’d love to share the details on a gift for all adventurers - a housing item available for free in the in-game store until April 18. You may grow tired from the spring-cleaning, and we wanted to ensure you had a cozy resting spot, no matter how humble your abode may be.

Free Housing Item

Black Bear Pelt Rug

“A bear skinned rug so dark it almost looks purple. Perfect for lounging seductively in your own bare skin."

Armor Skins

Each outfit found below is a complete set, with skins that can be applied to headwear, chestwear, gloves, legwear, and footwear.

Red Ripping Hood

"No wolf dare challenge you or Grandma now."

Cost: 14,000 Marks of Fortune

Lichen Lord

"The veins of plants unknown cling to this armor, pulsing with life."

Cost: 15,000 Marks of Fortune

Teeming Tetrarch

"Become the ruler of all things verdant and green in this root-wrapped set."

Cost: 15,000 Marks of Fortune


"Bark as thick and heavy as stone rests on the skin of the wearer, granting them superior immunity."

Cost: 15,000 Marks of Fortune

Weapon Skins

Nettle - Rapier Skin

"This sting never wastes a drip of precious poison."

Cost: 8,500 Marks of Fortune

Twin-Layered Blossom - Shield Skin

“Block and press the advantage with both layers of metal adorned with floral filigree."

Cost: 7,500 Marks of Fortune

The Rosebloom - Lifestaff Skin

"As each petal unfurls, new secrets of healing are revealed."

Cost: 8,500 Marks of Fortune

Nightshade Thorns - Blunderbuss Skin

"The members of the Solanum genus are deadly for their poisons, best distributed through their prickly thorns."

Cost: 8,500 Marks of Fortune

Petalshot - Musket Skin

"A Petalshot by any other name would kill just as sweetly."

Cost: 8,500 Marks of Fortune

Frozen Flower - Ice Gauntlet Skin

"Only the hardiest of flower can survive the icy cold this gauntlet radiates."

Cost: 7,500 Marks of Fortune

Camp Skins

Herbalist's Home

"For the growth and maintenance of a blossoming botanist. Just add water!"

Cost: 20,000 Marks of Fortune

Housing Items

Spring's Blossom Decor Bundle

"Welcome in the new season with the color and freshness of Aeternum's finest flowers."

Bundle Includes:

  • 2x Springtime Rattan Chairs

  • Springtime Ceiling Lantern

  • 2x Springtime Wall Lantern

  • Springtime Rug

  • 2x Springtime Ceiling Flowers

  • Spring Floral Blower

  • 2x Springtime Curtains

  • 2x Springtime Tub O’ Flowers

  • Springtime Rattan Table

  • Springtime Wreath

Cost: 23,000 Marks of Fortune

Springtime Bunny Housing Pet

"This hare loves to wear his springtime outfit."

Cost: 12,000 Marks of Fortune


Disco Dance

"Wow the crowd at your next cotillion with this futuristic dance."

Cost: 6,000 Marks of Fortune

Tree Pose

"Stretch the mind and body with this rejuvenating posture."

Cost: 5,000 Marks of Fortune


"Offer polite greetings."

Cost: 4,000 Marks of Fortune

Consumable Dye Packs

To help adjust the aesthetic of your favorite armor pieces in-game, five dye packs will also be available. Each of the dye packs cost 3,000 Marks of Fortune, and includes 5 consumable dyes that can be applied to your armor sets.

  • Bleached Coffee

  • Viola

  • Forest Green

  • Tradewind

  • Lavender

Sale Items

The following items will remain on sale alongside the new store items until April 18.

Camp Skins 25% Off

Winter Star

"Protect yourself from the icy winters of Aeternum in a standing tent."

Cost: 15,000 Marks of Fortune (normally 20,000)

Winter Opulence

"Enjoy the view in elegant style with this standing tent."

Cost: 15,000 Marks of Fortune (normally 20,000)

Tool Bundles - 25% Off

Legendary Azoth Tools

"A touch of magic pairs well with any task, including gathering what is needed to survive."

Cost: 11,000 Marks of Fortune (normally 15,000)

Legendary Strength Tools

"Strength of arm can be the best way to render the resources of Aeternum into their constituent natures."

Cost: 11,000 Marks of Fortune (normally 15,000)

Royal Opulence

"These tools shine so that all may know who wields the power of gold on Aeternum."

Cost: 15,000 Marks of Fortune (normally 20,000)

The Apparatus Supernal

"These wondrous implements represent a lost technology beyond the sciences of any scholar you know."

Cost: 11,000 Marks of Fortune (normally 15,000)

Royal Court Apparel Skin Bundle - 25% Off

"When among royalty, dress appropriately."


  • Suncourt Regalia - "It is wise to shield one's eyes when gazing upon such resplendent glory."

  • Jester's Delight - "If the fool can fooleth the fooled, who is then the fool?"

  • Death's Coronation - "The king of the dead is still in every way a king."

This bundle is pro-rated, so if you’ve already purchased something in the bundle, that will reduce the cost. Cost: 33,000 Marks of Fortune (normally 44,000)

Weapon Skin Sale

Crest of the Allsight - Shield Weapon Skin

"Show them your allegiance, brandish it as you fight, smack them in the face with it once in a while if need be. Make it known you are a foe to be feared."

Cost: 5,500 Marks of Fortune (normally 7,500)

Gallantry - Sword Weapon Skin

"A sword for the brave, the refined, the most gallant of our knights."

Cost: 6,000 Marks of Fortune (normally 8,500)

Wicked Tyrant - Great Axe Weapon Skin

"Power corrupts. The Wicked Tyrant gets you that kind of power."

Cost: 6,000 Marks of Fortune (normally 8,500)

The Golden Colt - Fire Staff Weapon Skin

"Strikes with the force of a war horse at full gallop... and also on fire."

Cost: 5,500 Marks of Fortune (normally 7,500)

Monarch's Might - War Hammer Weapon Skin

"What is true strength? The power to make decisions that govern others? Or simply the force required to kill?"

Cost: 6,000 Marks of Fortune (normally 8,500)

Archer's Filigree - Bow Weapon Skin

"An arrow notched and released from a bow of superior gold and emeralds wounds egos as well as bodies."

Cost: 5,500 Marks of Fortune (normally 7,500)

Royalty's Grasp - Ice Gauntlet Weapon Skin

"None need doubt who their ruler is, lest they feel an icy hand close around their treasonous throat."

Cost: 5,500 Marks of Fortune (normally 7,500)

Crown Headwear Skin Sale

Crown of Ascendance - Headwear Skin

"Aeternum holds a crown to the head of each traveler, they need only rise to meet it."

Cost: 5,000 Marks of Fortune (normally 7,000)

Tiara of Ascendance - Headwear Skin

"Not even the rugged wilderness of Aeternum can keep a royal from looking their best."

Cost: 5,000 Marks of Fortune (normally 7,000)

Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.