New World Spring Sale

16 March 2023

Greetings, Adventurers!

New World is now on sale for 50% off through Steam and Amazon until 10AM PST on March 23. Start your revamped story experience and get ready for more immersive narratives when Season 1 - Fellowship & Fire kicks off on March 28. Aeternum awaits. Will you cooperate with other Adventurers or strike down anyone in your path? Here are some tips for you to make the most of your journey, learn more about major updates, and see what’s next. We also brought back some discounted fan-favorite store items for a limited-time.

Sale Items

Get more out of spring in Aeternum with discounts on returning store items. Each item listed below is available now until 12AM PST on March 23. To celebrate the season, all players will receive a Black Bear Pelt Rug. Claim it for free through the in-game store.

  • Herbalist's Home Camp Skin: (15,000 Marks of Fortune)

  • Teeming Tetrarch Apparel Skin: (11,250 Marks of Fortune)

  • Knight of Devotion Apparel Skin: (7500 Marks of Fortune)

  • Fool For Love Apparel Skin: (7500 Marks of Fortune)

  • Heartpiercer Weapon Skin: (4250 Marks of Fortune)

  • Love's Cool Embrace Weapon Skin: (5625 Marks of Fortune)

  • Glowing Admiration Weapon Skin: (4250 Marks of Fortune)

  • Piercing Beauty Weapon Skin: (4250 Marks of Fortune)

  • Labor of Love Toolset: (10,000 Marks of Fortune)

  • Edifice of Eros Camp Skin: (10,000 Marks of Fortune)

  • Give Flower Emote: (2500 Marks of Fortune)

  • Swoon Emote: (2500 Marks of Fortune)

Revamped Story Experience

New World continues to evolve based on player feedback. As part of the Brimstone Sands Release, the first 25 levels of the game were completely overhauled to include more unique points of interest, a wider variety of objectives, and enhanced storylines. The Season 1 Update will push that overhaul even further. Look forward to more engaging quests and characters throughout the Weaver’s Fen and Brightwood zones.

Watch this video from last fall for a glimpse into how New World continues to improve.

Next Major Update: Season 1

Enjoy more frequent content like new features, gameplay experiences, and a Season Pass with two reward tracks — free and premium. Each reward track will feature 100 tiers of unlockable rewards for new emotes, skins, gear, and other seasonal loot.

Explore our announcement and FAQ article for more details.

New Ways to Play: Fire Storm Heartrune

Create a tornado to burn any obstacle in your path with the Fire Storm Heartrune. Each Season will include a new Heartrune — powerful abilities that give you more ways to customize your playstyle. Discover the story behind the Fire Storm Heartrune’s development to make the most of its power.

New Player Guide

Curious how to navigate your next adventure? Check out our full interview with BDLG and Redbyrd, the creators of, for insight into everything new players need to know.

What’s Next: Seasonal Events

New threats, festivities, and more will also come to Aeternum throughout Season 1:

Rabbit’s Revenge

Corrupted Rabbits have returned to Aeternum. Hunt them down to obtain special event-specific rewards.

Springtide Bloom

The Time of Awakening has arrived! Springtide Bloom calls its children to share an ancient secret capable of granting true freedom. Help the enigmatic Bloom Herald unravel the mysteries of the ethereal Wispybloom and collect Springtide's fertile bounty of limited-time rewards. Harvest with caution, as swarms of vile Wispy Wasps guard the blooms with fury!

Fury of the Spriggan

The Earth has been restless since the Ennead awoke. Cooperate in open world encounters to defeat Dryads and a mighty Spriggan for event-specific, daily rewards.

Stay Up to Date with the Team: Forged in Aeternum

Join the Development Team for conversations on community-driven topics like QAs, lore, and character design. We also feature companion pieces that delve into other aspects of relevant topics. Here’s a taste of what to expect from our weekly video series:

Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.