New World Update 1.9.3

09 May 2023

Greetings, Adventurers!

New World Update 1.9.3 downtime will begin at 11:00PM PT (6:00AM UTC) on May 9 and includes fixes to Gear Set Slots, Springtide Bloom, and more. Downtime is slated to last approximately 1 hour.

World Experience

Springtide Bloom

  • The Beekeeper and Springtime Ruffles apparel sets have been broken into individual purchases inside of the Springtide event shop.

  • Added a Heartrune charge to the Wispy Wasp swarm.

  • The Springtide Premium Token recipe (the one where you exchange Wispy Wasp Goo) is now listed as "Premium Token" in the crafting menu.

  • Players can now get 4 Springtide Jingle coin bags a day, up from 3.


  • Periville Guards now drop the Intact Spear Haft quest item in the ‘Book Three: Parodos in the A Spear to Pierce the Heavens’ questline.

  • Returning players who have only completed part of the original MSQ can now speak to Yonas to resume it in Brightwood.

  • Removed 3 deprecated lore notes from Elafry Pyrgo which caused the game to soft-lock on interaction.

  • Invisible collision has once again been removed from the entrance of the Crystal Cavern.

Game Modes

Outpost Rush

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to unintentionally bring game-mode specific items like powder kegs into the open world.

Empyrean Forge Expedition

  • Commander Marius's magma ball hazard will now display a secondary ring to denote the area in which the impact shockwave will cause minor damage and stagger the player.

Economy, Progression, & Gear


  • Fixed an issue that caused items in purchased Gear Set Slots to return to player inventories on login.


  • Open world Elite chests in Level 55+ Varangian POIs now have a 75% chance to drop a Flame Core, down from 100%.

  • Open world Regular chests in Level 55+ Varangian POIs now have a 10% chance to drop a Flame Core, down from 20%.

  • Unstable Casts now costs 3 Flame Cores to craft, down from 10.

  • Players can now craft 6 Unstable Casts daily, up from 3.

  • Improved quality of items generated by Unstable Cast from the Flame Core Forge. This was done by removing PvP perks and Resistance perks.

Season Pass

Update: We will disable 5 Season Activities that proved more challenging and costly to complete than intended. We anticipate this change will make your Activity Card progression easier.

  • The 5 impacted activities are:

    • Craft 10 items using Poultry Thights.

    • Craft 10 items using Sumptuous Rabbit.

    • Craft 10 items using Prime Armadillo meat.

    • Consume 10 Tier 5 Trade Skill Consumables.

    • Consume 10 Tier 5 Resistance Consumables.

  • Fixed an issue where level 60 players sometimes would not receive the "Just Getting Started" task in Chapter 1.

  • Added several new Season Pass activities:

    • Kill 10 enemies in Mykrguard.

    • Kill 10 enemies in Imperial Palace.

    • Kill 10 enemies in Malevolence.

    • Kill 10 enemies in Eternal Pools.

    • Kill 10 enemies in Beds of Ta-BitJet.

    • Kill 2 named enemies.

    • Kill 20 elite enemies.

  • Adjusted the following PVP Season Pass activities:

    • Earn Flawless victory in PVP arena was changed to Earn 1 victory in PvP arena.

    • Earn 1000 pvp experience from valid player kills was changed to earn 100 pvp experience from valid player kills.

    • Participate in 3 arenas was changed to participate in 1 arena.

    • Deal 100000 damage or healing in arena was changed to deal 50000 damage or healing in arena.

    • Earn 5000 azoth salt was changed to earn 1000 azoth salt.

    • Complete 2 PvP faction missions was changed to complete 1 PvP Faction mission

  • Adjusted the following crafting Season Pass activities:

    • Craft 5 Tier 5 weapons or apparel was changed to craft 3 Tier 5 weapons or apparel

    • Consume 10 Tier 5 coatings was reduced to consume 2 Tier 5 coatings

  • Adjusted the following Season Journey tasks:

    • Rush of Victory II

      • Reduced required Outpost Rush wins from 10 to 5

    • Holding the Fort

      • Reduced required Invasion completions from 2 to 1

    • Worldwide Warrior

      • Reduced required Open World player kills from 50 to 15

  • Adjusted requirements for multiple Season Journey challenges:

    • Outpost Rush Domination

      • Reduced required Outpost Rush wins from 100 to 30

    • Serial Killer

      • Reduced required kills from 500 to 100

    • Contesting the Control Points

      • Reduced required Faction Control Point captures from 50 to 30

    • Legendary Craft

      • Reduced required craft amount from 125 to 100

    • Give Me Gold or Give Me Death

      • Renamed to Mutation Master

      • Changed required Expedition rating from Gold to Silver



  • Removed the Gear Set Storage tooltip commands when your character is under level 25. These previously showed if you had purchased an additional Gear Set Slot with another character.

  • Added translations for the Fire Storm Heartrune tooltip.

  • Added additional translations to the Territory Planning Board UI.

  • The Main Menu has returned to its standard music soundtrack.

  • Fixed an issue with Leaderboards where the rewards countdown message displayed earlier than intended, stating that the current season had ended even though it was still in progress.



  • Fixed a rare issue that prevented players from turning off their PvP flag.


  • Lowered the amount of echo when an NPC spoke within a small interior space.

Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.