Spectral Sovereign Store Showcase

03 April 2024

Greetings, Adventurers!

Celebrate the Season of the Guardian with a new look. This month’s selection of returning skins includes Teeming Tetrarch, Starbound Apparel, and Defender of Harmony, plus a new Store showcase featuring the Spectral Sovereign’s Visage. Each item can be obtained in exchange for Marks of Fortune. Additional player requested skins will cycle in and out of the Store throughout this month. Let us know what you want to see unvaulted in the future.

Check out the full selection, including armor skins, weapon skins, emotes, and more, below.

Spectral Sovereign's Visage

The Lord of Nothing will someday be Lord of All. Visit the Store for new cosmetics, plus an additional selection of Dyes. Which skins and emotes will you add to your collection?

Returning Skins

Look forward to these items throughout this month:

Defender of Harmony Bundle

“Symmetry and balance in all things - this is our oath.“


  • Defender of Harmony Apparel Skin

  • Discord’s Edge Longsword Skin

  • Lucent Shadow Shield Skin

  • Alas Emote

Cost: 24,500 Marks of Fortune

This bundle is pro-rated, so if you’ve already purchased something in the bundle, that will reduce the cost.

Teeming Tetrarch

"Become the ruler of all things verdant and green in this root-wrapped set."

Cost: 15,000 Marks of Fortune

Starbound Apparel

"The star shines on, bathing Aeternum in the golden light of redemption."

Cost: 15,000 Marks of Fortune

Red Ripping Hood

"No wolf dare challenge you or Grandma now."

Cost: 14,000 Marks of Fortune


These bundles are pro-rated, so if you’ve already purchased something in the bundle, that will reduce the cost.

  • Herald of Order Bundle - 18,500 Marks of Fortune

    • Herald of Order Apparel Skin

    • Weight of Symmetry War Hammer Skin

    • Mashed Potato Dance Emote

  • Keeper of Equilibrium Bundle - 18,500 Marks of Fortune

    • Keeper of Equilibrium Apparel Skin

    • Flame of the Scales Fire Staff Skin

    • Heel Click Emote

  • Lichen Lord Bundle - 24,000 Marks of Fortune

    • Lichen Lord Apparel Skin

    • Nightshade Thorns Blunderbuss Skin

    • Petalshot Musket Skin

Apparel Skins

Each outfit found below is a complete set, with skins that can be applied to headwear, chestwear, gloves, legwear, and footwear.

  • Moonborne Apparel - 15,000 Marks of Fortune

  • Stonebark - 15,000 Marks of Fortune

Weapon Skins

  • Rosebloom Lifestaff - 8,500 Marks of Fortune

  • Twin-Layered Blossom Shield - 7,500 Marks of Fortune

  • Nettle Rapier - 8,500 Marks of Fortune

  • Frozen Flower Ice Gauntlet - 7,500 Marks of Fortune

  • Hekate's Tower Shield Skin - 8,500 Marks of Fortune

  • Crescents Curve Hatchet Skin - 8,500 Marks of Fortune

  • Faith's Lance Spear Skin - 7,500 Marks of Fortune

  • Magician's Delight Life Staff Skin - 8,500 Marks of Fortune

  • Setting Sun's Darkness Void Gauntlet Skin - 7,500 Marks of Fortune

Camp Skins

  • Lantern-lit Yurt - 20,000 Marks of Fortune

  • Herbalist’s Home - 20,000 Marks of Fortune

  • Court of the Fae - 20,000 Marks of Fortune

  • Full Moon Marquee - 20,000 Marks of Fortune

  • Fortune Teller's Tent - 20,000 Marks of Fortune


  • Hip Twist - 4,000 Marks of Fortune

  • Referee Count - 4,000 Marks of Fortune

  • Tree Pose - 4,000 Marks of Fortune

  • Wild Tap Dance - 6,000 Marks of Fortune

Tool Skin Bundles

  • Royal Opulence - 20,000 Marks of Fortune

  • The Devil’s Industry - 15,000 Marks of Fortune

  • Buried Sands Toolset - 15,000 Marks of Fortune

  • Destiny's Guile Toolset - 20,000 Marks of Fortune

Housing Items

  • Celestial Hare - 12,000 Marks of Fortune

  • Spring’s Blossom Decor Bundle - 23,000 Marks of Fortune

  • Pig of Mystery - 12,000 Marks of Fortune

  • Novelty Dancing Fish Dinner - 10,000 Marks of Fortune

Explore the in-game Store for additional details throughout each wave. Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.