New World September Dev Update

4 de septiembre de 2023
Temas generales

¡Saludos, aventureros!

We’re thrilled to dig into the details of our first expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth, in the September Dev Update. Join us for a discussion of every new feature including mounts and Elysian Wilds, plus conversations around Season 3 updates like Influence Races. Discover the next chapter of Aeternum in the video below.

El video estará divido por temas en YouTube, lo que les permitirá ubicar fácilmente los asuntos que sean de su interés. A continuación, verán un resumen del contenido que traerá consigo la actualización de este mes.

Resumen de video

Rise of the Angry Earth

Ride mounts through transformed lands when New World: Rise of the Angry Earth launches on October 3. We can’t wait for players to experience every new feature in our first paid expansion:

  • Monturas

  • Nueva arma: Mangual

  • Nueva rareza de equipo: Artefactos

  • Nueva historia

  • Nuevo progreso

  • Una zona transformada: Tierras salvajes elíseas

  • Nueva expedición: La división salvaje

  • Nueva habilidad de runa con forma de corazón: Furia primitiva

Consulten nuestras artículo de anuncio for more details, including an FAQ.

Temporada 3

Look forward to Season 3 updates for all players alongside the release of Rise of the Angry Earth. With revamped mainline story quests, open world PvP changes based on player feedback, and quality of life improvements like the removal of Wards, Banes and Expertise, there has never been a better time to visit the Eternal Isle. Explore the official announcement for a full breakdown of what to expect.


Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for updates on when the Rise of the Angry Earth and Season 3 PTR will be available. ¡Gracias por su apoyo! Nos vemos en Aeternum.