Aeternum’s Cooking Star

8 aprile 2024

Ciao, avventuriero!

Lore Note fragments singe in the sweltering Monarch’s Bluffs tent. Dedicated members of the Syndicate, Marauders, and Covenant feverishly cook their supposedly Legendary ingredients — whispers of a fabled recipe. A dish that will grant all who devour its scrumptious contents the nutrition necessary to overcome any adversary. Amongst this rainbow of aspiration, only one will illuminate a flavor richer than the purest Azoth.

Are you ready to be crowned Aeternum’s Cooking Star?

Faction Cook-Off

Prepare your favorite in-game recipe as a delectable, real life dish for a chance to win 20,000 Marks of Fortune. Both creative interpretations and faithful recreations of Aeternum cuisine are welcome. Don’t forget to also share your Faction allegiance, so that we may celebrate their supremacy.

Chefs interested in greasing pans and flexing spatulas can join through our Discord. Visit the community-spotlight section of Discord to find the “Aeternum’s Cooking Star Contest” thread and reply to submit your entry. Entries require 1 photo of your New World inspired culinary masterpiece. The photo must include your character name, server, and Faction written on a piece of paper alongside your delicacy. Support your favorite dishes throughout the event, even if they’re from an opposing Faction.

The kitchen will close for entries on April 22. We’ll then announce 2 Cooking Stars. One based on accuracy and another based on creativity. Each winner will receive 20,000 Marks of Fortune. Check out our Discord for additional details.

New Prime Gaming Loot: Well-Reaped Cache

Celebrate the cooking festivities with New World consumable items like Roasted Prismatic Filets, available now through Prime Gaming fino al 13 maggio 2024. Se siete abbonati ad Amazon Prime, ricordatevi di pick up the Well-Reaped Cache. It contains Vial of Suspended Azoth x10, Dark Matter x50, Gypsum Orb x5, Roasted Prismatic Filet x10, Imitation Bone Wreath x1, and Ancient Firework Permit x1.

Players can claim the Ancient Firework Permit through the Augments menu. One Firework Permit include 3 uses. Each use will last 24 hours and can be activated separately. For example, you can launch fireworks throughout Aeternum for 24 hours following your victory over a rival Faction and then wait weeks or even months to set off your next batch.

Though we know victory is a reward all its own, perhaps these will guide you to yours.

Con Prime Gaming, i membri Amazon Prime potranno godersi una miriade di contenuti esclusivi gratis per i propri giochi per PC, console e mobile preferiti. Inoltre, potranno riscattare in via definitiva e gratis una collezione di giochi PC ogni mese e un abbonamento mensile a un canale Twitch. La selezione dei contenuti in-game di Prime Gaming e dei giochi per PC gratis è in costante ampliamento e aggiornamento, con nuovi oggetti e giochi che vengono aggiunti ogni mese.

I giocatori che non sono ancora membri di Amazon Prime e desiderano accedere agli esclusivi bottini di New World, possono registrarsi per una prova gratuita di 30 giorni sul sito web di Prime Gaming. Prime Gaming Loot can only be claimed once per account.

We can’t wait to see your submissions. Thanks for your support and we’ll see you in the kitchens of Aeternum!