Celebrate the First Anniversary of New World

28 settembre 2022

Greetings, Adventurers!

The first year of New World was filled with major changes for Aeternum. Player feedback accompanied each update and helped us introduce quality of life improvements like the upcoming revamped starting experience. We could not be more thankful for the continued support we’ve received from the community over the last year. Before we dive deeper into what’s next for New World, we want to reflect on some of the game’s highlights from our first anniversary.

Anniversary Stats

Ever wonder how many fish were caught during the Summer Medleyfaire or how many stolen presents were recovered during Winter Convergence? What about the most popular Faction, Expedition, and Settlement? We created an infographic featuring some of the community’s most requested statistics for the game’s first birthday.

*Data is from launch through August 31, 2022.

Looking Back at Aeternum

To cap off year one, we’d like to journey back through some of our favorite videos:

Myrkgard Dev Run

Community requests extend beyond updates to some of our content. Take our Myrkgard Dev Run for example. The Development Team came into it looking for treasure, but only left with smiles.

Let us know if you’d like the Team to take on more challenges in the future.

Scoring Aeternum

Forum feedback frequently praises the Sound Team. Their captivating music continues to make the world of Aeternum far more immersive. Scoring Aeternum focuses on the music at launch, but the team continues to produce jingles for new events such as the Summer Medleyfaire.

Expect even more New World tunes in the Brimstone Sands Release.

Nightmares of Aeternum

To celebrate Halloween, we dug up creepy lore from the journals around Aeternum and then recreated them. These videos were also made in part thanks to fans asking for more about the game’s lore. Lore fans can look forward to more direct tie-ins to the story as part of the revamped starting experience.

This year the spooky season will culminate in our Nightveil Hallow event, featuring a unique boss and maybe even a few scary stories.

New World Valentine’s Day Getaway

The idea of a forever after was a natural fit for the Eternal Isle. The team thoroughly enjoyed crafting this vacation commercial parody.

More alternative takes on New World videos are planned for the future.

New World: Spring Fashion

New World: Spring Fashion was a fun way for us to showcase the new seasonal fashion that came with our spring update. Our favorite pieces of armor typically tie-into seasons like the Winter Convergence.

We will continue to update the Store with new looks for players and their homes moving forward.

Touring Aeternum

Touring Aeternum was designed to give players a sense of the unique towns throughout Aeternum. The most difficult aspect of these videos was making each area look just as appealing as the last.

With the revamped starting experience overhauling areas, we might need to start new tours of the eternal isle.

Tales of Aeternum

This video series discusses enemies found across Aeternum. Our Lore Team would love to hear which areas of the story you’d like to learn more about.

Tales of Aeternum went on to become a written series expanding on some of the world’s more subtle narratives.

The First New World Team Update Video

It’s only fitting to wrap up our one-year anniversary with a throwback to the first New World Team Update video from December 2021.

Communication with players continues to be crucial for New World to grow and evolve. Please keep the feedback coming as we push into year two. We appreciate your support throughout our first year and look forward to introducing even greater experiences to Aeternum!