Character Spotlight: Eternal Frost

13 novembre 2023

Ciao, avventuriero!

Un Cavaliere della Tavola rotonda ha scoperto nozioni proibite degli Antichi, nel tentativo di soggiogare l’umanità con il potere di un inverno eterno. Raduna la tua squadra di Corvi d'argento e convinci uno scontroso mago del fuoco di nome Daichi ad aiutarvi a rintracciare e sconfiggere il Cavaliere prima che devasti Aeternum. Get to know the new characters from Eternal Frost and then continue their story in-game on December 12.

New commander of the Frostbound (Varangians)

  • “Why oh why must I talk to these plebeians.”

  • “Let all crack and bend before my might!”

  • “The power I sought was never meant for you, Artorius, it was meant for me.”

  • Where to find him: Delving into Ancient ruins in search of powerful artifacts

  • Cultural background: Celtic

  • Occupation: World domination

  • Likes: power, suffering, power that causes suffering

  • Dislikes: meddling commoners, a.k.a. the Silver Crows, and King Artorius

  • Little-known facts about him: He’s related to at least two others in the court of King Artorius

About the commander

He grew up adoring King Artorius, and later served faithfully as a Knight of the Round Table with the courage and blind passion of youth. He sailed with the rest of the court that made the voyage to Aeternum’s shores. On the island, he had a falling out with Artorius, and was banished during the Wars of Crimson Madness. He was never able to recover from this devastating blow to his entire identity- his meaning in life was ripped away in an instant.

He spent decades as a recluse, clinging to the anchor of vengeance, in the raging sea of his insanity. He is now allied with Ser Loth, a Knight who’s tapped into primordial forces deep under the mountains of Great Cleave. The new commander leads an army of mutated Varangians known as the Frostbound, in search of powerful artifacts to unleash a horror upon Aeternum, and the rest of the world.

Daichi Saito

  • “Mm.”

  • “The lady in the big hat keeps telling me what to do.”

  • “‘Not bad’ was a compliment.”

  • “I do not. Feel the urge to hug.”

  • Where to find Daichi: Brooding on the edge of any crowd

  • Cultural background: Japanese

  • Occupation: Corvo d'argento

  • Likes: solitude, a good fight, Dog

  • Dislikes: crowds of more than one person, those who believe themselves smarter than they really are

  • Little-known facts about Daichi: His mentor on Aeternum fell Lost. He can’t stand covering his feet when he sleeps.

About Daichi

Daichi was an excellent warrior in feudal Japan, allowing him to rise quickly through the ranks, but his renegade streak and antagonism to authority grew in proportion to his skill as a samurai. Ultimately he quit his feudal lord in a burst of anger and became ronin, fed up with what he saw as bumbling incompetence.

Hunted for his betrayal, Daichi fled to Aeternum, seeking new fortunes. He found a mentor in Jubei Mori, the master of a Fire Temple on Aeternum, who helped him get his mind right, though Daichi proved to be an exceptionally stubborn case. His master's defeat at the hands of his own students drove Daichi deeper into a distrust of others. He has a chip on his shoulder and can be quick to temper and to judge.

Once onboard with the Crows, Daichi's habits don't get any better. His dislike of authority immediately causes friction with Grace. Personality aside, however, Daichi can be a powerful and loyal ally.

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