New World Launch Details

23 settembre 2021

Greetings, Adventurers!

Well, here we are! It's been a hectic time for the New World team since open beta and with launch here, it feels like a good opportunity to talk a bit about New Worlds future.

First off, thank you, the players. Thanks to the people who helped us test and refine, both in Alpha and Beta. Thanks for your pre-orders, which humbled us with your evident interest. Thanks to the people who gave us feedback on social media, our forums, in person - it's all valuable, even when we disagree. We know we can't please everybody, but we do our best to listen and learn from every interaction.

I know it isn't a revolutionary position in online gaming to take, but it still needs to be said - we view this launch as a beginning, not a completion. We have layers of plans for New World, from the things we want to get done the first week to the additions we'd like to be making years from now.

Features we want to add to the game over time are (in no particular order): New weapons with completely new styles of skill-based combat, new areas of the world with distinct visual styles that make each login feel like a new journey, completely new activities (similar to fishing or the crafting professions) that fit thematically into our gameplay, more game modes like our existing War or Outpost Rush, and of course more of many things we already have - more quests, creatures, discovery, PvE and PvP. It's a lot of stuff, and we need your help picking which priorities to take or what completely new direction we should go.

That change is what we find exciting as a studio. New World isn't meant to be a static game, we want it to be constantly evolving in ways you find fun, while still being familiar and true to its nature. My hope is you'll love what we've got now but find it getting even better every month. That's our goal for ourselves. Sometimes, we're going to make mistakes against that goal - we are not perfect. Bear with us and let us know when that happens, and we'll improve.

I hope all of you find fun and joy with your time in Aeternum, in whichever game style you prefer. As developers that is the ultimate validation of our efforts, when players have fun. I'll be right there with you, tackling the mysteries of the Corrupted, celebrating the latest Expedition win, and if we're being completely honest, probably getting killed by many of you (repeatedly) in War. But mostly, having fun.

- Rich Lawrence, Studio Director

Launch Servers

New World's launch is a unique moment when Aeternum is an unclaimed land of opportunity, and the ability for you and your Company to organize, progress, and claim your territory is an exciting event as you establish a foothold to defend and develop. We want that initial land rush to feel fair for all our players around the world. We paid close attention during Closed and Open Beta to your feedback on when servers went live. When planning our server launch times, we took fairness and your feedback in mind and have designed a server roll out we hope will support the majority of our players. We took local times into consideration and will launch in the following order:

  • 8AM CEST EU Servers will launch (9/27 at 11pm PT)

  • 8AM BRT South American Servers will launch (9/28 4am PT)

  • 9PM AEST Australian Servers will launch (9/28 4am PT*)

  • 8AM ET NA East Coast Server will launch (9/28 at 5am PT)

  • 8AM PT NA West Coast Servers will launch

*To provide the best possible experience at launch, we’ve decided to open our Australian server at a time that aligns with the larger global roll-out. Following the 8AM pattern for Australia would have resulted in it being a different "day" than other regions due to the time difference, and we wanted the region to be able to share in the launch community elsewhere in the world, like streams and website posts.

To help clarify the information above please check out this handy map of global launch times:

For those interested, the full list of launch servers can be found below the Twitch and Prime Gaming content sections.

Twitch Drops: Vinespun Weapon Skins

All 66 awesome content creators who participated in the Battle for New World have been granted access to a Twitch Drop exclusive to their channels for the first two weeks after New World launches, alongside some free copies of the game to give away to their communities. Be sure to tune into their channels at launch to receive the Vinespun weapon skin set. You can find a full list of participants who will have access to the Vinespun weapon skin, and links to their Twitch channels, on the Battle for New World Leaderboard page.

Prime Gaming Content

With Prime Gaming, Amazon Prime members enjoy tons of free, exclusive content for their favorite PC, console, and mobile games. Plus, they can claim a collection of PC games for free every month that are theirs to keep forever, and a monthly Twitch channel subscription. Prime Gaming’s selection of in-game content and free PC games is always growing and rotating to stay fresh, with new items and free games added every month.

New World will have a variety of free, exclusive items available through Prime Gaming, and we’ll be kicking things off with with the Pirate Packs. The first pack will be available starting on New World’s September 28 launch, and can be claimed until November 1. This pack includes an exclusive pirate character skin and pirate-stance emote, alongside 5,000 Marks of Fortune— a premium currency used to buy cosmetic items from the in-game store.

The second Pirate Pack will be available beginning October 12 and can be claimed by Prime Gaming members until November 1. It will include more exclusive pirate-themed goodies, with a pirate sword skin, a finger-across-the-throat emote, and a pack of 3 crests.

Players who are not currently Amazon Prime members that are interested in accessing the exclusive New World drops can sign-up for a free, 30-day trial on the Prime Gaming website.

Launch Servers

The servers listed below are the initial recommended language servers we created for New World’s launch. Each server holds thousands of players simultaneously. We also have additional servers held in reserve, and we’ll add the reserve servers and adjust newly created servers based on the demand in our supported regions. We started with the data centers based on player interest and our ability to service them well. While AWS operates all over the world, we have to make sure we can operate well in an area before launching there. With that in mind, we will be looking into other server locations post-launch.

Aeternum is a place of legend, so our servers use the names of legendary realms from mythology, such as the homes of various gods, the Underworld, or mythical cities and magical lands from various cultures. For the servers listed below, the ones with recommended languages are exactly that, for the mutual enjoyment of those interested in adventuring and using that language together. The recommended language shouldn’t be interpreted as a restriction or requirement, and many are left to be a free-for-all.

US West

  • Camelot

  • Kshira Sagara

  • Linnunrata

  • Mulitefao

  • Ptolemais

  • Celadon

  • Neno Kuni

  • Uku Pacha

  • El Dorado

  • Nidavellir

  • Vourukasha

  • Aukumea

  • Mag Mell

  • Plancta

  • Riallaro

  • Kronomo

  • Ferri

  • Sarragalla

  • Theleme

  • Tlillan-Tlapallan

  • Yggdrasil

  • Lilliput - Recommended Language: Spanish & English

  • Rarohenga - Recommended Language: Spanish & English

US East

  • Themiscyra

  • Cantahar

  • Aztlan

  • Yaxche

  • Topan

  • Valhalla

  • Xibalba

  • Morrow

  • Locuta

  • Krocylea

  • Adlivun

  • Minda

  • Loloi

  • Kay Pacha

  • Frislandia

  • Calnogor

  • Mictlan

  • Ensipe

  • Dominora

  • Pyrallis

  • Eden

  • Maramma

  • Ute-Yomigo

  • Sitara

  • Amano Iwato

  • Vaitarani

  • Hanan Pacha

  • Bilskirnir - Recommended Language: Spanish & English

  • Silha - Recommended Language: Spanish & English

  • Scheria

  • Oceana

  • Duguang

  • Falias

  • Moriai

  • Ruach

  • Heliopolis

  • Tritonis

  • Norumbega

  • Ys

  • Royllo

  • Ogygia

  • Tlalocan

  • Zuvendis

  • Atvatabar

  • Pleroma

  • Vingolf

  • Pahruli

  • Nunne Chaha

  • Valgrind

  • Orun

  • Takamagahara

  • Aarnivalkea

  • Orofena

  • Olympus

Central Europe

  • Asgard

  • Duat

  • Eurytheia

  • Finias

  • Hades

  • Hellheim

  • Ekera

  • Gaunes

  • Abaton

  • Harmonia

  • Alastor

  • Fae

  • Slavna

  • Tupia

  • Albraca - Recommended Language: German & English

  • Learad - Recommended Language: German & English

  • Ganzir - Recommended Language: German & English

  • Silpium - Recommended Language: German & English

  • Utgard - Recommended Language: German & English

  • Antillia - Recommended Language: German & English

  • Styx - Recommended Language: German & English

  • Ravenal - Recommended Language: German & English

  • Annwyn

  • Hyperborea

  • Sanor

  • Rocabarra

  • Zerzura

  • Amenti

  • Glyn Cagny

  • Saena

  • Urdarbrunn

  • Penglai

  • Alfheim

  • Saba

  • Vainola

  • Lyonesse - Recommended Language: French & English

  • Nysa - Recommended Language: French & English

  • Bakhu - Recommended Language: French & English

  • Ife - Recommended Language: French & English

  • Melinde - Recommended Language: French & English

  • Baltia

  • Inferni

  • Muspelheim

  • Thule

  • Tir Na Nog

  • Barri

  • Idavoll

  • Runeberg

  • Naxos

  • Murias

  • Bifrost

  • Icaria

  • Niflheim

  • Nav

  • Tanje

  • Bengodi - Recommended Language: Spanish & English

  • Kor - Recommended Language: Spanish & English

  • Bensalem

  • Iroko

  • Midgard

  • Ketumati

  • Una-bara

  • Karkar - Recommended Language: Polish & English

  • Bran - Recommended Language: Polish & English

  • Brittia - Recommended Language: Italian & English

  • Jotunheim - Recommended Language: Italian & English

  • Brittia - Recommended Language: Italian & English

  • Caer Sidi

  • Ishtakar

  • Metsola

  • Eridanus

South America

  • Albur

  • Eugea

  • Kukku

  • Nammu

  • Apsu

  • Kigal

  • Niraya

  • Atlantis

  • Hubur

  • Alatyr

  • Irkalla - Recommended Language: Spanish & English

  • Tuma - Recommended Language: Spanish & English

  • Svarga - Recommended Language: Spanish & English

  • Arali

  • Tamag

  • Modun

  • Kunlun

  • Liusha

  • Aratta

  • Taparloka

  • Kitezh

  • Jianmu

  • Dilmun

  • Lanka

  • Naraka

  • Dunnu

  • Devaloka


  • Adiri

  • Baralku

  • Duzakh

  • Agartha

  • Eridu

  • Yama

  • Zara

  • Barzakh

  • Hsuan

  • Utopia

  • Buzhou

We are excited to welcome you all to Aeternum. This is just the beginning!