New Prime Gaming Loot - Mysterious Musician’s Pack

23 novembre 2022

Greetings, Adventurers!

Exclusive New World cosmetic items are now available through Prime Gaming until November 29, 2022. If you are an Amazon Prime member, make sure to pick up the Mysterious Musician’s Pack! This pack contains the Provocative Pipes, Sylph Strings, and Puck’s Bass instrument skins. You’ll also receive 500 Umbral Shards, 10 Azoth Vials, a Runestone Stopwatch, and a random piece of Sheet Music.

“A chest of rewards for the musically-inclined Aeternian.”

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Players who are not currently Amazon Prime members that are interested in accessing the exclusive New World loot can sign-up for a free, 30-day trial on the Prime Gaming website.

Stay tuned, as we’ll have more content for Prime Gaming members in the future.

Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.