Rabbit’s Revenge Rewards & Lore

7 aprile 2023

Greetings, Adventurers!

The plague of rabbits has returned once again, only now, they are more perilous than ever! Watch out for explosions as you hunt for event-specific loot from April 12 to April 25. Thanks to player feedback from last year, each rare drop is now guaranteed after slaying a certain number of corrupted rabbits. They can drop Diamond Gypsum, Defiled Rabbit’s feet (increases luck), a Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare, and a new Corrupted Rabbit Mask.

Check out the full reward breakdown below and then see how the Syndicate reacts to these fury little killers.

Event Rewards

Help cull the plague for daily and special event rewards. Rewards reset at 5 AM local time. For example, if you grab 6 Diamond Gypsum at 4:58 AM, you’ll be able to earn another at 5:01 AM.

Each corrupted rabbit can drop the following:

  • Diamond Gypsum - (66% Drop Chance)

    • Daily Limit: 6 per day

  • Defiled Rabbit’s Foot (80% Drop Chance)

    • Consumable Item: Increases Luck

    • Daily Limit: 5 per day

  • Corrupted Rabbit Mask (.50% Drop Chance)

    • Head Skin

    • Guaranteed after defeating 200 corrupted rabbits.

    • Limit: 1 per event

  • Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare (.25% Drop Chance)

    • Housing Item

    • Guaranteed after defeating 400 corrupted rabbits.

    • Limit: 1 per event


The mysterious phenomenon behind these volatile long-eared rodents immediately caught the attention of the Syndicate:

“Would you kindly repeat that?” Cabalist Cleo’s cynical gaze peered over the edge of an ancient tome, a recent acquisition from the Great Pyramid of Ahket that, until this moment, held her full attention.

The initiate across from her anxiously straightened her collar, attempting to look tall in her oversized uniform. “A rabbit, mistress. It, uh, exploded...”

“Exploded?” Cleo slowly lowered the artifact and leaned forward in her chair.

She avoided the intensity of the mistress’s discerning gaze. “Y-Yes, like a bomb. Well, only somewhat… Not like that black powder, more like, ah, it erupted in Corruption, ma’am.”

The mistress was motionless, carefully observing the trembling girl who looked little more than a rabbit herself. “And was your person infected with any of this volatile Corruption?”

Discreetly brushing off some dried blood and bits of fur, the initiate spurted, “No, no, mistress. I-I don’t believe so.”

Cleo leaned back in contemplation, steepling her hands as she mused. “Rabbits infected with corruption? Certainly, beasts have become Corrupted, but oft in the forms of dangerous creatures, something of use to the Corrupted. But rabbits?” The cabalist tapped her lips. “So, Corruption can be harnessed for explosives. As ridiculous as it is, the implications are… intriguing.”

“I-I was thinking the same thing, mistress,” the initiate eagerly added, pleased that she aroused Cleo’s interest.

Cleo’s eyes shot up to the girl, having forgotten her presence. “Then it seems a venture of your interest, as well. Capture one of these Corrupted rabbits; in whole. Chunks and pieces make for a poor specimen.”

With her orders given, Cleo picked up the tome and resumed reading.

The apprentice frowned and shifted in her seat. “How, hm… H-How do you propose I accomplish that, mistress?”

“Consider this your final test, initiate,” she said without interest. “Prove yourself worthy and you shall be recognized among the ranks of the Syndicate as an adept.”

After a brief silence, Cleo did lift her eyes and what the initiate hoped would be encouragement was instead a bored warning; “And do try to not get Corrupted.”

We look forward to your help in clearing this infestation. Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in the wilds of Aeternum.