Tips From Aeternum: Embodying the Winter Convergence Spirit

21 dicembre 2022

Greetings, Adventurers!

Embody the Winter Convergence Spirit this holiday season with tips from some of your favorite New World personalities. We joined Twitch streamers Arshee, Baggins, BDLG, Danneh, KatContii, and Redbyrd to discuss helping other players through groups, the Trading Post, open-world encounters, and more. Here’s how to spread holiday cheer throughout Aeternum this year.

Always Ask for Help

“Most people are willing to help because we all remember the struggles of being under geared,” KatContii said. “Companies are a really good way of getting a feel for the game and more often than not are recruiting to help people out!”

“I remember doing the Halloween Terror event, which was an end game character boss, and so many underleveled players would show up to try to get credit. End game players would make sure the low levels players were taken care of by grouping with them. Once a level 27 player showed up, and there was no healer in sight, so he strapped on a Life Staff and healed every level 60 player. Though his heals were as weak as they were, it helped LOL.”

Answer Questions in Chat

“Take a moment to answer questions from new players in chat,” BDLG said. “They might queue for your M10 down the road!”

Include Friends & Don’t be Afraid to Fail

“Include friends in your journey throughout Aeternum,” Arshee said. “Even the smallest experience can grow into something more meaningful and last a lifetime. For example, Expedition runs don’t always have to be successful. Sometimes failing the longest Expedition turns into the most hilarious experience. I have never laughed so hard about some of the mistakes my group made together. Take your time and enjoy the holiday festivities!”

Send Group Invites to Nearby Players

“Whether you’re facing off against the Winter Warrior, taking part in a Chest Run or simply running quests, if you have room in your group (or are solo) try inviting nearby players into your group," Baggins said. "A lot of tasks in New World are easier with more players. Some might be shy or new to the concept of grouping but will appreciate the invite."

“The worst they can do is decline!”

Stop Warded Gear Requests for Healers

“During the holiday season, stop insisting that your Healer needs Warded gear in the Group Finder," Redbyrd said. "We all know they don’t need it."

Join the Fight Against World Bosses

“A memorable moment last winter was everyone coming together to beat up the Yeti in Myrkgard,” Danneh said. “This year, I am very excited to see a similar trend with the new Winter Warrior World Boss... WHICH I MIGHT ADD, I LOVE WORLD BOSSES!”

Revive Downed Players to Help with Kill Contributions

“When taking on open-world elites and bosses, you often only need to do a small amount of damage to count as ‘contributing’ to the kill for loot,” Baggins said. “Once I’ve confirmed my damage, I like to keep an eye out for any unfortunate players that may have been downed, and pick them back up. Doing so gives them a better chance to get their own damage contribution, and they might even return the favor if you find yourself on the receiving end of a particularly aggressive elite!”

Save Your Friends and Fellow Adventurers from Mobs

“Help your fellow adventures out on Elite Chest Runs,” BDLG said. “Don't stand by or let them get beat up by the Brimstone archers. Kill the mobs and save you friends.”

Ease New & Returning Players into the Experience

“Your friends that return to Aeternum might feel overwhelmed with all of this new content at their feet,” Arshee said. “Introduce each element to them separately at a leisurely pace. Group up for activities like playing songs and searching for hidden chests throughout Brimstone Sands to improve their confidence. Beyond feeling more comfortable in solo situations, your help can motivate them to reach the end game.”

Play the Trading Post

“I can’t tell you how many people ask about making gold,” KatContii said. “The trading post is the BEST way to make gold. Whether it’s selling raw mats, flipping items, or placing buy orders to resell at a higher value, learning how to manipulate the market will net you more good than you know what to do with. For example, Warring is a big part of the game. Placing War mats on the market during peak War time, means you can increase the price of things like honing stones, oak flesh, and gemstone dust, because those are items War loggers need!”

List Unwanted Items for Cheap

“A few months ago I thought I’d get a bit ‘wild’ and attempt a Life Staff and Bow build,” Baggins said. “The results of this experiment weren’t great, but one thing that made the adventure easier was picking up some unusual Dexterity / Focus (of the ‘Artificer’) for cheap at the Trading Post."

“To most this gear would be near useless as the stat line doesn’t work for any common weapon combinations and as a result is not likely to sell. But as they say, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ Those Beast Ward + Repulsing Stopping Power Heavy Gauntlets with Strength and Dexterity may be the ideal item for someone’s Musket Warhammer Tank build.”

Make Squirming Vines Cheap at the Trading Post

“In the spirit of the Winter Convergence, we should all work together to reduce the price of Squirming Vines and spread the joy of Shirking Fortification to everyone,” Redbyrd said.

Celebrate & Reward Success

“Whenever one of my friends hits level 60, I buy them 2 perk armor/weapons with 590 Gear Score or above at the Trading Post," Arshee said. "This allows them to obtain their first 610 GS weapons in Brimstone Sands with ease. They can then more easily challenge any Expedition as they gain additional expertise."

Do Group Dailies

“This game has a couple of dailies you should always do,” KatContii said. “One of them is refining your rare mats and the other is going on what servers call either an Elite Chest Run (ECR) or a World Tour (WT). These are player-hosted events where tons of players group up and grab chests around Aeternum that are in a 24 hour cooldown.”

“Doing your refining daily is also important because you can only craft 10 of each rare mats per day (more if your faction has the First Light fort and you have the refining armor set). Make sure to do your daily refining when your faction has the First Light Fort since it gives you a 10% refining yield.”

Tip Your Bards

“They’re working hard to give you all the good buffs,” BDLG said. “If they miss half the notes then gift them a new instrument. Theirs might be broken.”

Enjoy Winter Convergence & Keep your Eyes on the Sky

“The Winter Convergence Festival was one of the most fun events in New World this year,” Danneh said. "Aside from the mysterious Sandworm in Brimstone, the Gleamite Meteors are one of the coolest things you will see around Aeternum. Keep your eyes on the sky and you will not be disappointed."

“As someone who absolutely loves travelling north, I've spent some time in Iceland watching the northern lights, so to witness these in-game is awesome!”

Special Thanks to the Community

“Finally, I want to extend gratitude to the New World team and community,” Redbyrd said. “It’s a pleasure being part of this amazing group and I wish you all a Happy Holidays!”

How do you embody the Winter Convergence Spirit? Let us know on the forums. Thanks for your support! Enjoy the holidays and we’ll see you in Aeternum.