Fishing and Music Double XP Weekends

28 July 2022

Greetings, Adventurers!

Grab your favorite instrument and stock up on bait because you can earn double XP for Fishing and Musical Instruments each weekend throughout the Summer Medleyfaire event.

  • July 29 - 31 (12:01 am PT) to (11:59 pm PT)

  • August 5 - 7

  • August 12 - 14

  • August 19 - 21

  • August 26 - 28

  • September 2 - 5

Fishing Tips

Check out our New World Fishing Guide to learn how the right fishing pole, location, and bait can help you catch bigger, rarer fish for more trade skill experience.

Musical Instrument Tips

How to get Musical Instruments

The easiest way to get Musical Instruments is to complete Summer Medleyfaire quests:

  • Reach level 20 and speak to the Medleyfaire Maestro at any of the summer villages to start the quest chain.

  • The first quest, “A Warm Medleyfaire Welcome,” will reward you with a guitar.

  • Each of the following quests grant fishing rewards like the Mount-A-Catch Starter Kit, musical rewards such as sheet music, or Medleyfaire Tokens. These tokens can be exchanged at any Medleyfaire Shop for special rewards ranging from seasonal skins to emotes and housing items.

How to Learn More Music

Each of the five instruments can play a specific set of songs. To learn more music for your favorite, you must collect instrument-specific sheet music. Some songs require 3 pieces of sheet music to unlock, while others only need one. You can find sheet music through drops, chests, the Trading Post, and Summer Medleyfaire quests.

How to level Up Music

Leveling up music is as simple as playing songs, but there are a few tricks to gain more XP:

  • Each song has a difficulty level. Play harder songs for additional XP.

  • Strive for perfect notes in the rhythm minigame to net more XP.

  • Join a group to level up quicker. Whether you play a duet or form a group of 5, you’ll earn the same bonus XP compared to if you perform solo.

Thanks for your support, and we’ll hear you in Aeternum!