Forged in Aeternum - Community QA April 2023

24 April 2023

Greetings, Adventurers!

Join Game Director Scot Lane and Live Lead Katy Kaszynski for discussions on solo Expeditions, the Sandworm Elite Trial, the Indigo Flame Twitch Drop, and the New World simulation theory. They also chat about Umbral Shards, Ward/Bane removals, game performance, and their favorite colors. Check out the video below for the team’s full Q&A session:

Bonus Questions

We caught up with Creative Director David Verfaillie to include even more community questions:

Can we please remove 25 Expedition cap? Just cap the Umbral Shards after 25 runs. Please don't cap content for people playing your game.

  • “We agree in spirit here. We don’t want to limit player’s ability to enjoy fun content and future content is being positioned that way. For instance the Sandworm Elite Trial will have limited weekly bonus rewards, but players can continue to run it without limits on daily rewards. There are no plans to go back and adjust Mutation caps at the moment (a very small minority of our player base currently hits the cap). But we will consider changes when we make our next larger change to the Mutation system.”

Can we PLEASE get Chess, Checkers, or ANY mini-game put into the Bars/Pubs. PLEASE this would be so cooool.

  • “We believe one of the things that makes New World special is the variety of things you can do in the game. We’ve added fun activities like Fishing and Musical Instruments over time. With upcoming features like Transmog, we’re excited to see a new round of fashion contests. We also love a bustling life around our settlements and would love to see more activity in our taverns. But we are not actively pursuing mini-games in New World. Maybe one day in the future...”

Are you happy with the current attackers and defenders mercenary limit or do you feel it’s still too high and Companies can just buy a territory by hiring 25 mercs?

  • “Overall we are happy with the system, and like that attackers have more flexibility than defenders, since defending has some inherent advantages and we want some shakeup in ownership. We also still like the concept of merc’ing and want players to live out their fantasy of being a hired gun.

  • “We hope it enables smaller Companies to participate in War, gain a territory and then grow their Company to defend it. We also need to be a bit wary of smaller population worlds and how changes could impact them. So, no immediate plans to change values, but we’ll keep our eyes on it.”

What else would you like the team to cover? Let us know on the forums, Reddit, or YouTube comments section. Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.