Forum Spotlight: PTR Summer Medleyfaire Event

20 July 2022

Greetings, Adventurers!

We want to spotlight some community forum posts before the curtain falls on our PTR Summer Medleyfaire Event. These responses helped us reflect on the next major update and laugh about Glow Toads. How did you react to the PTR? Be sure to join the conversation for a chance to be featured in future forum highlights. Let’s explore this month’s selection.

Community Responses

Blackxp - #SaveTheToads

“As it’s consistently been in the past. It’s absolutely gorgeous and the audio and music is just amazing. Seeing the festival at nighttime: the spotlights, the glow of the pyre, the floating lanterns, and the inflated Glow Toads. #SaveTheToads. I secretly want a way to shoot at the wires and free them. They look quite distressed if you zoom in on them.”

“The music skill is just a ton of fun. I expect myself to be playing for hours and jamming with friends whenever I can do it on my main account. The music itself is wonderful and the extra immersion and flavor it provides is fantastic. I want to be a traveling bard. I really can’t wait to just chill, fish, and collect all of the rewards. Maybe make a taxidermy aquarium in my house.”

“Finally, those blue fireflies. Maybe just afk with that view for hours?”

Baerserker - Unexpected Hype

“I’m positively surprised and kinda hyped for instruments. I was not expecting other content to be released besides Expeditions, weapons, etc. It would be awesome if you added more hype songs/instrumentals/tracks to fire up your group for battles and Wars. Or maybe I just haven’t heard them yet.”

Slender - Funny to Fail

“Just want to give some feedback. I made a video on the music system and I'll tell ya what AGS, you guys nailed it. I'm having a blast. I only wish there were more songs. But the music is amazing, the gameplay is fun and the sound team nailed it! When you hit a wrong note, it's so funny.”

Semi_Shot - Loving the Maestro

“I checked it out on the PTR and had to force myself to stop so I wouldn’t be burned out before it even starts. As per usual, the sound is so damn good. Whoever’s in charge needs a raise! I loved the quest guy [Maestro] in the middle of the stage. I wish I could get more quests from him. The voice over is really good, hint hint.”

“More of this por favor!“

Thasarian - Make Taverns More Immersive

“I don’t think I will use any musical instrument but I’m 100% sure I’ll enjoy listening to others play. Now please give us more reasons to hang out in a Tavern. It would be relaxing and immersive. Thank you.”

Zelthora - Savoring the Release

“I haven’t tried it (want to savor the release), but I watched my boyfriend laugh and enjoy himself with the instruments on PTR. He really liked it and I can’t wait to jump in and play instruments as well. Looking forward generally to the event and any new goodies I can get my hands on.”

Monak - Quality Crafts

“I love the objects we can craft. They add another level of activities to the event. My favorite is the mounted treasure chest! I hope that, in the future, we’ll be able to use more objects from the open world, like mounted monster trophies.”

“And of course the Maestro music at the villages! So awesome.”

Frezno - Tour the Taverns

“I’ve been having a blast with the new instrument stuff and finding random people to jam with for a few minutes. Songs are fun to play and listen to, but I don’t think they are quite difficult enough for the later difficulties. I’d be curious to see the star score somewhere on the screen while playing, so we could gauge how close we are to max stars–maybe with a score gauge that can go up and down. Also, and maybe I haven’t figured out how to do this, I’d like to be able to emote after a performance (bow, curtsy, tip my hat, etc.).”

“Overall, two big thumbs up from me. Looking forward to seeing it live so I can get some friends together and tour all the taverns as a musical troupe.”

Lily - Good vibes

“First of all thank you for adding instruments to New World. I wrote to add it a long time ago and you did! #game-feedback.”

“The music is beautiful and playing instruments is fun! I can play for hours and the buffs are a great idea! This is a very pleasing and good vibe spreading game experience.”

We appreciate your support and feedback! See you in Aeternum or on the forums!