New World Update 4.0.3

23 January 2024

Greetings, Adventurers!

New World Update 4.0.3 downtime will begin at 11:00PM PT (7:00AM UTC) on January 23 and last approximately 1.5 hours. The shadow of Roman tyranny has been abolished, putting an end to the Legacy of Crassus. This update includes a variety of bug fixes, plus changes to Legendary Fish, the seasonal narrative, and more. You can even enter a transmog contest for a chance to win Marks of Fortune. Check out the full release notes, including another episode of Patch Notes Breakdown, below.

Winter Fashion Week Contest

Join our Discord and enter the Winter Fashion Week Contest for a chance to win Marks of Fortune. First place will receive 20,000 Marks of Fortune, second will receive 10,000 Marks of Fortune, and third will receive 5,000 Marks of Fortune. Winners will be announced in our next weekly update article and also receive a spotlight.

Bonus Community Q&A

Multiple servers have a low pop which makes it challenging to find players for content. Merges were initially planned but canceled due to community feedback, similar to how Eridu’s merge was canceled. Why cancel merges for a small portion of the population, especially without cross-server Expeditions and Arenas, also impacting open-world content like ECRs and events? – Prasinos333

Thank you for your feedback. We recognize that low server populations can present challenges in maintaining a strong company, achieving success in Wars/Invasions, and forming groups for Expeditions, particularly during non-peak hours. To address this, we've implemented cross-world play features like Cross-World Outpost Rush in Season 2 and the upcoming Cross-World Expeditions, featuring an enhanced Group Finder to streamline player grouping, regardless of the time of day or overall population of your chosen game world.

Regarding world merges, a new batch is in the planning stages. Look forward to more details in the future. Our last set of merges occurred in late November. However, at the time we omitted some smaller/mid-tier worlds based on substantial player feedback, to enable newer players to experience end-game competitive modes in a more forgiving and accessible environment.

After a holiday break in December, our teams are back in full swing for 2024. Our latest checks signal that some of these worlds have outlived their initial goal. While we strive for a seamless user experience, mergers do involve substantial backend work, including migrating sensitive character information, company rosters and storage, and leaderboard rankings.

As the game evolves and more cross-world features are introduced, we anticipate a reduced need for merges, or at least a reduced urgency. We hope that different sub-communities will be better accommodated on specific worlds without adversely affecting the availability or accessibility of certain game modes. Thank you for your continued support as we strive to improve your experience in Aeternum. Please let us know which game modes you’d like to receive cross-world matchmaking next.


  • Fixed a rare issue that prevented players from transferring characters between Worlds. We will continue to investigate this issue and implement additional fixes as necessary.

  • Fixed an issue that caused crashes when leaving and entering Expeditions.


  • Balanced the seasonal narrative difficulty to help newer players experience the full story:

    • Decreased Daichi Saito's health by 30% and damage dealt by 60%.

    • Reduced the damage and health of Mordred in the Eternal Frost Soul Trial by 25%.

    • Reduced the damage of the Ophidian Construct boss in The Winter Rune Forge Soul Trial by 30%, and its health by 60%.

    • Reduced the Solo Trial Ice Guardian's health and damage by 30%.

  • Fixed an issue that caused The Ice Cold Killer task in the Journey tab (Kill 150 players in PvP) to count more than 1 kill if other players assisted with the elimination.


  • Added additional transition frames when canceling the Rain of Arrows Bow ability to prevent an exploit.

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to lose attributes from the Magnify Perk upon entering a game mode or teleporting. We will continue to monitor this issue and make further updates if necessary.

  • Fixed an issue that preventing blocks from canceling heavy attack charges.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Elemental Conversion gems on weapons with a PvE/PvP damage split from applying the damage equally.

Legendary Fish

  • To set the groundwork for Cooking Trade Skill changes coming next season, Legendary Fish will now require a higher Luck stat to catch.

World AI

  • Fixed an issue that caused Corrupted Breach enemies to spawn underground.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Lasers to vanish when moved, but still damage players as if they were visible.


  • Fixed issue that caused the Winged Shoes to always extend the duration of Haste when equipped instead of upon the effect's activation.

World Experience

  • Fixed an issue with Yonas that prevented players from proceeding to The Corpse Crone quest upon completion of The Curse of Dun quest.

  • Fixes an issue that caused the map pin for Ser Loth in the Glacial Tarn Expedition to show the incorrect coordinates.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players who abandoned the Season 1 quest Canon and Coin partway through from completing it.

    • Zander will now re-appear for players that were previously stuck.

    • The achievement state for the quest will also reset for those players.

  • Fixed an issue in the Rage of the Mammoth and the Garden of the Gorgon quests that will allow players to skip the Soul Trial sequences if either quest resets after completion.

  • The number of PvP flagged players allowed near Influence Towers and Forts will be decreased to test performance improvements. We will continue to monitor performance and make additional changes if necessary.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Summer Medleyfaire event quests to appear outside of the event. These quests will be removed and players who held summer event quests will no longer have a broken journal screen.

Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.