Winter Convergence Festival - December Update

15 December 2021

New World “Winter Convergence Festival” Update 1.2 downtime will begin for all regions at 4AM PT (12PM UTC) on December 16. Expected downtime is 3 hours.

Greetings, Adventurers!

The December Update including the Winter Convergence Festival has graduated from the Public Test Realm (PTR) and is releasing into the main New World game. This update includes a wintry limited time event packed with quests and special activities, alongside a swathe of balance changes, quality of life updates, and an overhaul to New World's end-game. You can find the full update notes on our releases section of the website, where all major updates will be shared.

The holiday of Winter Convergence has arrived in Aeternum! Marked by increased snowfall and Northern Lights in the sky, this is a time of dichotomy and duality as the Winter Wanderer and Winter Warrior come to the land. While within the settlements gifts are exchanged to mark the passing of the year, outside the safety of the walls a wintry war rages. To make it worse, the Winter Warrior and his Frigid Folk are causing mayhem throughout the land - attempting to spread the dreaded “Forever Winter”.

You can find the full list of Winter Convergence activities on our Winter Convergence Festival page.

As always, thanks for your support. We’ll see you in Aeternum!