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Rise of the Angry Earth expansion

A new threat looms over once-familiar lands. Wield a new weapon, new ability, and new allies in the form of rideable mounts to fight a growing menace that threatens to consume all of Aeternum!

This content requires New World: Standard Edition (base game) in order to play.

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Summon a mount for faster traversal across Aeternum. Master horses, dire wolves, and lions, each with a unique look, dyeable equipment, and a name you can set.

Level up the new Riding Trade Skill to earn upgrades like increased speeds, buffs, and higher tier consumable food for your new friend.

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New Progression

Increase your character’s level to 65 and Gear Score to 700 with new attributes to help power up your builds.

Increase Trade Skills to level 250 with new items to gather, refine, and craft.

Complete a new Faction Quest and unlock a new Faction tier loaded with desirable gear and items.

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New Gear Rarity

Find and equip Artifacts, a powerful new tier of weapons and armor.

Complete a series of quests and awaken the Artifact’s full potential by unlocking its six perks including one unique playstyle-defining perk to change your game.

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New Weapon

The Flail is a versatile one-handed weapon with the option for an offhand shield.

Use arcane magic to enhance attacks and buff allies or debuff enemies for an easier victory.

Through a combination of melee, arcane magic, and strong defenses, the wielder can bolster their group’s effectiveness without dropping the offensive.

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New Zone

The southeastern tip of Aeternum, formerly known as First Light, has been invaded by the powers of Artemis and the Angry Earth.

Explore the raised structures of this magical new landscape known as Elysian Wilds and battle the ferocious beasts that have taken refuge in the verdant, unsettled terrain.

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New Expedition

Embark on a dangerous new Level 60+ Expedition in the Savage Divide to track down the primordial Beast Lords before chaos emerges from the depths of Aeternum.

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New Heartrune Ability

Unleash your inner beast to deal unarmed light and heavy attacks on enemies.

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New Expansion

New World: Rise of the Angry Earth


Wield a new weapon, gain a new ability, and battle alongside new allies against a rising threat to Aeterum.

*This content requires New World: Standard Edition (base game) in order to play.