Forged in Aeternum - The History of Azoth

January 30, 2023

Greetings, Adventurers!

The source of magic and wonder in New World is a substance known as Azoth. At its core, it is the life essence of the universe, an immense power capable of producing miraculous effects. We caught up with the Development Team for a deeper look into the history of Azoth. Check out the full interview below, plus additional lore and concept art.

The Origin of Azoth

“The goal was to have Azoth serve as a resource to power abilities, craft items, and operate various devices on the island such as the Spirit Shrines," said Narrative Designer Aaron de Orive. "There exists a deep and significant connection between Azoth, the Ancients, and humanity — a mystery that New World will explore over the course of the game’s evolving story.”

Different cultures have given Azoth various names: mana, quintessence, chi, élan vital, prana, and the fifth element. It is believed that Azoth builds and collects in various points in the universe, especially where life is abundant. But its precise origin and purpose are unknown. Earth has always been a rich repository of Azoth and as a result has attracted the attention of cosmic powers for millennia. Aeternum serves as a focal point for Azoth, as well as a form of refinery. Large concentrations can easily be extracted, processed, and stored throughout the Eternal Isle.

Azoth in Action

Azoth can be used in a variety of ways. It can enchant items, alter the elements, shape landscapes, instantly transport objects across great distances, and transform or even create living beings. Azoth isn’t sentient nor does it have a will of its own — it’s an unknowable energy that fosters life around it. Pure Azoth glows blue, and if not for the influence of sentient beings, would seed and magnify its surroundings into an idyllic Garden of Eden where nature exists in perfect harmony.

The substance requires psyche or will to transform reality in specific ways. For example, the Ancients sensed this energy and tapped into it to create their wonders. Azoth can also be tainted by Corruption, its power used to subjugate, corrupt, and destroy. Mastery and control of this energy source are subsequently at the center of most conflicts on Aeternum.

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