New World: Aeternum Community Q&A

June 12, 2024

Greetings, Adventurers!

New World: Aeternum is the culmination of years of development and player feedback. We appreciate your passion, continued support, and dedication, especially from those who have been on the Eternal Isle since the beginning. You all helped make this enhanced version of New World an even more compelling experience for everyone. We’re excited to answer your questions about console release, future content, and more following the New World: Aeternum announcement. Look forward to additional details as we get closer to the October 15 release date.

New World: Aeternum Content

New World: Aeternum includes the New World base game, the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion and all update content like Brimstone Sands, plus a fully revamped storytelling approach with enhanced dialogue, in-game cinematics and pre-rendered scenes, the first-ever large-scale PvP zone, a challenging 10-player raid, new end-game solo trials, and more. Here’s an infographic of what to expect when New World: Aeternum launches later this year.

All of the optimizations and enhancements made for console, plus any future updates, will also be available for PC players. Enjoy high quality visuals and performance, input parity, combat action optimizations such as target locking and aim assist, and controller navigation and accessibility features.

Returning Adventurers

Players who own New World (base game) and the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion on PC prior to the release of New World: Aeternum will receive a free update that includes all of the new content on October 15. Those that own the base game, but not the expansion will need to purchase the Rise of the Angry Earth to fully experience everything New World: Aeternum has to offer at launch. All PC players who log in to New World June 7 through October 14, 2024 will receive the Azoth Stalker mount. Please note, the expansion is required to use mounts.

Adventurers that choose not to purchase the expansion will be able to access base game content, including the revamped main story and quest flow, up to and including Brimstone Sands, all zones and elite areas outside of Elysian Wilds, and base game Expeditions excluding Glacial Tarn and Savage Divide. They can sell bind-on-equip Gear Score 626+ items on the Trading Post, participate in an improved influence experience, and access Seasonal rewards and events. Players will also benefit from the many quality of life updates and enhancements that will launch alongside the console release.

Cross-Play and Fresh Start Servers

  • Join friends across PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S through cross-play functionality.

  • There will not be cross-progression, so players will not be able to transfer characters across different platforms.

  • New players will be placed on fresh start servers to ensure they can begin their journey on a level playing field, but can opt to join PC legacy servers and play with their friends.

Stay tuned to our website and social channels for future updates like our upcoming confidential console closed beta. We’ll see you in Aeternum!