New World Community Spaces

January 1, 2022

Greetings, Adventurers!

From venturing into Expeditions alongside your team to solve puzzles and vanquish powerful enemies, to taking part in a Company vying for control of Aeternum through territory control and war, New World is a game that values, emphasizes, and celebrates player interaction and community. In New World you’ll be able to chat with other players in the world through text and voice, but we wanted to make sure you had the tools to connect with other players, and our team, outside of the game. Below you can find ways to connect with the New World community, and how to get involved if you’re interested in joining the New World Creator program.

Community Platforms

Amazon Games Discord

The Amazon Games Discord server was built for Amazon Games staff members to host events, townhalls, AMAs, and talk to the community. Feeling up for something more real-time and conversational than the forums? There are spaces for players to chat about all things New World and interact with our team.

Social Media

Follow our social accounts and for exclusive content, community highlights, and to stay up to date on all things New World.

Creator Program

The New World Creator Program is designed to empower you to collaborate with the New World team and other creative members of the community. Whether you’re a streamer, YouTuber, wiki author, cosplayer, artist, musician, or anyone else who makes something to contribute to the love of New World, we want to make sure we find ways to support you.

There are no requirements to apply other than a desire to create great New World content. Post launch we will be working on further ways to build the Creator community, such as standing up a New World Discord server for Creators to meet each other, have a common space to chat, and share their favorite clips.

Interested in joining? You can learn more and sign up on our Creator Program page.

Thanks for being part of the New World Community! See you in Aeternum.