New World December Team Update

December 1, 2022

Greetings, Adventurers! Join the New World team for our December Team Update video, where we discuss the Winter Convergence Festival, territory changes, and the upcoming roadmap.

The video will be sectioned by topic on YouTube, so if you’re only interested in checking out certain subjects, you’ll easily be able to navigate to them. Here’s an overview of the topics included in this month’s update.

Video Summary

Winter Convergence Festival

Glimmering Gleamites fill the air once again as Winter Convergence returns to Aeternum. Visit Winter villages and team up with 15-20 Adventurers to fight a challenging new world boss — The Winter Warrior. Earn limited-time rewards like festive skins, emotes, housing items, and more.

Players often request late game versions of earlier Expeditions, so we’re excited to introduce the Starstone Amrine Mash-up Expedition. Look forward to new challenges and twists when it releases in the Winter Convergence Festival update.

Territory Changes

New changes like daily War limits, War roster restrictions, and Company switching cooldowns are coming to mitigate Shell Companies (multiple Companies controlled by the same players on a single World). Our goal is to allow more players to participate in Wars and prevent a handful from owning multiple territories.

Other changes include the ability to make more recipes regardless of the Crafting Station’s tier and significantly lower contribution requirements for Town Projects. Check out the video for more details.


This month’s update concludes with a sneak peek at our upcoming roadmap.

Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum!