New World Showcase: Summer Medleyfaire

July 15, 2022

Greetings, Adventurers!

Our Design Team took a stylish approach to immersive characters and settings for the Summer Medleyfaire. Whether you prefer pirates or musical themes, every aspect of this celebration radiates summer fun. Let’s explore some of the team’s concept art, inspiration, and challenges.

Summer Medleyfaire

“The main inspiration for the Summer Medleyfaire came from modern music festivals,” said Concept Artist Andy Lee. “We wanted bright and colorful palettes to represent the excitement of summer and leaned heavily on coastal or beach motifs like bonfires, tiki torches, and grilling.”

“Overall, the creation of the environment and its various components were fun to create. There weren’t too many challenges. One of the main discussions we had when concepting this area was how we were going to take the modern idea of a music concert and fit it into a period location with more fantastical elements.”

Barnacles & Black Powder

Admiral Brute

“For the Admiral Brute, I was aiming for a character large and grizzled that was taken over by the sea a long time ago,” said Concept Artist Allison Theus. “One of the challenges of this design was finding the right ratio of human to creature pieces in the shapes while maintaining a compact, weighty silhouette.”

The Maelstrom Siren

“For the Siren, I was going for something enigmatic and deep sea feeling, and was inspired by various corals and arthropods with a bit of fish influence,” said Allison. “The main challenge here was figuring out which family she belonged to and how that translated to the shape language in her design. We wanted her to read clearly as an Angry Earth creature.”

Concept Art

The Design Team also shared some additional images that provide insight into the development of the Summer Medleyfaire Event’s mood, colors, and various set pieces.

Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.