Rising Phoenix Store Showcase

August 26, 2022

Greetings, Adventurers!

Set Aeternum ablaze with this collection of phoenix cosmetics. Which skin will you wear to rise up against enemy factions when the in-game store updates on August 30? Players can obtain these items individually or bundled together in exchange for Marks of Fortune until October 3.

Check out the full selection, including armor skins, weapon skins, housing items, emotes, and more below.

Armor Skins

Each outfit found below is a complete set, with skins that can be applied to headwear, chestwear, gloves, legwear, and footwear.

Birds of a Feather

"As it is said, they flock together."

Cost: 15,000 Marks of Fortune

Dancing Flames

"As the pyre burns higher, so too does your spirit of battle within."

Cost: 15,000 Marks of Fortune


"Outshine, outwit, and bring your opponents to their knees."

Cost: 15,000 Marks of Fortune

Weapon Skins

Wingpiercer - Rapier Skin

“Strike true to send your enemies careening back to the unforgiving earth of Aeternum.”

Cost: 8,500 Marks of Fortune

Wingclipper - War Hammer Skin

“Bring down what none thought could be grounded.”

Cost: 8,500 Marks of Fortune

Ascendance - Spear Skin

“Each strike is elevated with the beauty of your weapon.”

Cost: 7,500 Marks of Fortune

Featherbeater - Hatchet Skin

“It's imbued with magic to weigh more when striking a foe.”

Cost: 7,500 Marks of Fortune

The Winged Savior - Life Staff Skin

“Let your healing lift your team to the heights of the heavens.“

Cost: 8,500 Marks of Fortune

Blazing Phoenix - Blunderbuss Skin

“Rise from the ashes to shoot down your foes.“

Cost: 8,500 Marks of Fortune

Instrument Skins

Shining Sun Flute - Flute Skin

“Call down the power of the sun itself to brighten your performance.“

Cost: 10,000 Marks of Fortune

Crescent Moon Strummer - Guitar Skin

“Play with the power of the waning moon behind your notes.”

Cost: 10,000 Marks of Fortune

Palm Reader's Bass - Bass Skin

“It takes a strong palm to play this instrument, one you can spot from several meters away in another musician.”

Cost: 10,000 Marks of Fortune

Tool Skin Bundles

On Fire’s Wing Toolset

"Airily light, to make it easy to lift your fortunes."

Cost: 15,000 Marks of Fortune

  • Avian Edge - Skinning Knife Skin: “For skinning the diverse birds of Aeternum.”

  • Feathered Harvester - Sickle Skin: "This golden bird wishes to help you with all of your gathering projects."

  • Flight of the Ferrous - Pickaxe Skin: "All rocks and minerals crumble before the rising phoenix."

  • Gradient Chopper - Logging Axe Skin: "Let trees take flight as this axe separates them from their stumps."

  • Phoenix Pole - Fishing Pole Skin: "A feathered bobber would be most appropriate here."

  • Songbird Scepter - Azoth Staff Skin: “Let it sing its song, and close the portals that Corruption has brought forth.“

Housing Items

Glorious Phoenix - Pet

"A mythical bird of death and rebirth. Its glorious plumage emits heat and fire, but it will not burn the ones it trusts if they were to pet it."

Cost: 15,000 Marks of Fortune

Rising Phoenix Decor Bundle

"While a phoenix may rise from the ashes, we don't recommend burning down your house to test the phenomenon."

Cost: 12,000 Marks of Fortune Includes:

  • Rising-Fire Throne - “A regal seat with golden plumes and plush cushioning. Sitting upon this throne lets everyone know who rules the roost in your home.”

  • Everflame Chandelier - “A golden phoenix posed in glory. Even if extinguished, the brilliant flame rekindles itself mere moments later.“

  • Rising-Fire Winged Lantern (x2) - “Glowing bright, this lantern depicts a phoenix holding a pure white sphere, signifying the purity of its spirit.”

  • Rising-Fire Pedestal (x2) - “A grand golden display pillar that you can place almost anything upon. Just be sure whatever it may be is also just as flashy.”

  • Rising-Fire Glass Art - “A glass art piece depicting a rising phoenix in warm hues. Hang it on your wall or over your windows and make all your neighbors envious.”

  • Rising-Fire Rug - “Soft on bare feet and pleasing to the eye, this rug portrays a burning sun.”

Rising-Fire Room Divider

“A creation of stained-glass that shows a phoenix wreathed in flames. Beautiful for decorating your home. Terrible for privacy while changing.”

Cost: 3,000 Marks of Fortune

Rising-Fire Brazier

“A golden fire pit in the shape of a phoenix rising in glory. Perfect to gather round with friends for both light and warmth.”

Cost: 3,000 Marks of Fortune

Camp Skins

Phoenix Rising

“Relax in repose with a tent that springs forth from the ashes of Aeternum.”

Cost: 20,000 Marks of Fortune



"Drink a health to your fine companions."

Cost: 5,000 Marks of Fortune

Tug of War

"Pull for all you're worth! Pull like you're back at sea, hauling the mainsail aloft."

Cost: 4,000 Marks of Fortune

Wild Tap Dance

"Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap."

Cost: 6,000 Marks of Fortune

Consumable Dye Packs

To help adjust the aesthetic of your favorite armor pieces in-game, five dye packs will also be available. Each of the dye packs cost 3,000 Marks of Fortune, and includes 5 consumable dyes that can be applied to your armor sets.

  • Soft Coal

  • Blemished Pearl

  • Blond

  • Sushi Green

  • Butterfly Wing

Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.