Tune in: Tempest’s Heart Stream

March 8, 2022

Greetings, Adventurers!

Tune in on March 9 at 10AM PT (6PM UTC) to join World Experience Lead Mike Willette venture into the new Tempest’s Heart expedition alongside Shroud, Rich Campbell, Asmongold, and DannehTV. This party of five seasoned warriors will attempt to vanquish Isabella as they descend into her lair— while having a new, exclusive Twitch Drop enabled. Make sure to tune into one of their streams to begin earning The Indigo Flame.

The Flame of your dedication burns bright within you.

The Indigo Flame is a headwear skin that when applied will hide any helmet and create a glowing purple effect around the player’s eyes.

This Twitch Drop will stay exclusive to Shroud, Rich Campbell, Asmongold, and DannehTV until March 13, when it will open up to everyone in the New World category who want to enable it for their streams. It will stay live until March 29 at 8AM PT (4PM UTC).

You’ll need to tune into streams with the Drop enabled for a total of two hours to receive The Indigo Flame. For details on how to claim your Twitch Drops, please visit our Twitch Drops page.

We’ll see you tomorrow for the adventure into the Tempest’s Heart!