Welcome to the New World Preview!

August 25, 2020

Hello Adventurers,

We are excited to have you all here for our New World Preview Event and are thrilled to share our progress!

I know we surprised a lot of you with the delay and I have seen several threads asking why we didn’t announce it sooner. Our production plan called for us to clear out bugs, publish the game, and then begin releasing new features at a steady pace while the game was running live. As we worked down our bugs we were also listening to Alpha feedback and our own instincts.

A message emerged that players liked the game and were asking for more. Many of the items on our live development plan were exactly what players were hoping to see, and that brought about the consideration of whether to add it now, before launch. Amazon is customer obsessed, and we want our game to reflect that with as much gameplay value as possible for launch, so we made the difficult decision to extend our timeline to spring 2021.

While we're already hard at work on developing those new features, we also want to make good on the promise we made to pre-order customers that they would be playing New World on August 25th, so we are providing this preview event. Please enjoy your time in game and give us feedback, both on what already exists and what you would like to see in the future.

Our goal over the upcoming months is to give players even more to do while maintaining a polished experience. We plan to focus on adding more mid and end game content but also features that are just fun and deliver more on the promise of a world in which you can get lost. In particular, we are working toward adding more in the areas of game modes, land mass, AI variety, additional weapon types, quest variety and more.

We are excited to share our vision for New World with you, and will continue pushing in this direction until we feel we have the right amount of content and polish for the great launch our players deserve!

Thanks and enjoy your time in Aeternum,

Scot Lane

Game Director, New World