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Explore a massive, beautiful, open world and uncover the secret truth of the Eternal Island and its strange inhabitants.
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Monarch's Bluffs

The illustrious and proud cliffs upon which King Artorius founded his kingdom. The rocky terrain throughout is dotted with mines, and a newfound threat from Corruption.

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Lush pastures and deep woods fill a land that Medea strode through and tended in olden times. Upon the hills, broken windmills wait to turn once again to feed the starving masses.

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Eternally autumnal, trapped for better and worse on the edge of a winter that will never come. Here there is also a small yet important shrine for the Angry Earth, guarded by nature itself.

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Though once a bastion of hope and light for the inhabitants of the island, these forests have turned feral and dim. A horrible legacy is buried underground, still echoing into the present.

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Weaver's Fen

Sodden and swampy, with a hint of plague lingering on the edge of perception. The architecture of the Ancients has fallen into disuse here, where the Corpse Crone resides.

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Great Cleave

War-torn and bereft of solace, the mountains of the region are covered in snow and regret. The local Rangers strive to push back the Corrupted that have already established a foothold.

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The home, bastion, and communal center of the Angry Earth. While much of the ruins are overgrown, their purposes forgotten, mysteries hover in the charged air to be revealed.

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Ebonscale Reach

The land of Empress Zhou Taiying, who rules from the lofty peaks. She and her people have lived in peace, more than most on Aeternum, but Corruption has begun to extend its influence.

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Shattered Mountain

If pain lives anywhere, it is here under the shadow of Corruption’s mighty stronghold. The crimson of the mountain pulses with intent, and Myrkgard looms beneath it.

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Brimstone Sands

Heat bakes the desert, stirred occasionally by cool and cleansing breezes. The 19th Roman Legion endlessly marches towards conquest, while something slithers beneath the dunes.

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Elysian Wilds

Formerly the region of First Light, now overthrown and infested by the minions of Artemis. A noxious miasma keeps outsiders at bay and the Beast Lords destroy anyone who survives.

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Restless Shore

Sun-bleached and filled with the undead Lost, curiously moving about with a sentience that should not be possible. But beware! The true threat scurries about on Rabbit Island.

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Dreariness affects all hearts that seek shelter in this rainy grassland. Yet far north, where the waves crash with violence and unrest, something of another time whispers a haunting dream.

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Secrets grow in this fetid, marsh-like fungus, watched over by the pernicious Siren Queen. Her songs lure the unwary to an unfortunate and early demise, or worse: into her swelling ranks.

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Cutlass Keys

Here be where the pirates across Aeternum fight for plunder and magical doubloons. Greed is as tangible as the fanged and clawed dangers lurking in the bushes, watching from shadows.

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