Forged in Aeternum - The Enemy Families of Aeternum

01 May 2023

Greetings, Adventurers!

Immortality comes at a cost. Aeternum is infested with lethal enemies ranging from the Ancients to the Angry Earth. Some Adventurers lose their will and become one of the Lost, while others give into the seductive whispers of power that foster Corruption. Even maintaining humanity can mean fending off a seemingly endless onslaught from the Varangian Knights. No one is safe on the Eternal Isle, but there’s still hope.

Join the Narrative Team for an in-depth analysis of the enemy families in the video below:

Varangian Knights

We caught up with Narrative Designer Aaron de Orive to explore another enemy family—the Varangian Knights.

“When conceiving of a human enemy faction, the idea of an order of villainous knights was discussed. Ultimately we decided on the Rus’ Varangians, who were Norsemen that settled in Eastern Europe. We wanted these fierce warriors to have connections to King Artorius, first as enemies and then as uneasy allies. We also wanted their leader to be an impressive figure, someone as formidable as Artorius himself. That’s how the mighty Warlord Varik came to be.”

“Varik was a founding member of the legendary Knights of the Round Table, and he and his warriors traveled to Aeternum with Artorius in his quest for the mystical land of Avalon. Varik fought by Artorius’s side against the Corrupted Myrddin during the Wars of Crimson Madness. When the forces of Corruption seemed on the verge of victory, Varik and his Varangians retreated into uncharted areas of Aeternum, and there established a new Varangian stronghold.”

“Known as ‘The Hammer’ for the strength of his blows, Varik is a warrior without equal. His goal is to unite all of Aeternum under his banner, but in order to accomplish this, he seeks the secrets of Myrddin’s magic. Despite having resulted in the wise magician becoming the Crimson Sorcerer, Varik believes that mastering Aeternum’s power is the only way to ensure complete control over the island. And he is determined to do so regardless of the cost.“

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