New World June Team Update

09 June 2022

Greetings, Adventurers!

Join the New World team for the monthly Team Update video, where we discuss the July PTR, the removal of Tuning Orbs, perk and loot changes, and trade skill improvements.

The video will be sectioned by topic on YouTube, so if you’re only interested in checking out certain subjects, you’ll easily be able to navigate to them. Here’s an overview of the topics included in this month’s update.

Video Summary

Roadmap Updates: July PTR, Summer Medleyfaire, and Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition

Join Scot Lane and Katy Kaszynski for insight into what to expect in the July PTR like Summer Medleyfaire and the Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition. Players can play music throughout Aeternum, then challenge new bosses in a fresh Expedition. Scot and Katy concluded with an emphasis on the importance of player feedback. Your opinion might be the one that pushes the Development Team in another direction.

The Removal of Tuning Orbs

Your favorite Expeditions are now more accessible. Phil Bolus explains the removal of Tuning Orbs and the new Expedition limiter system. Extra Tuning Orbs in your inventory? Look forward to items that offer some coin as well as loot rolls on Bosses from those Expeditions.

Perk and Loot Changes

The Development Team buffed over 150 perks in the game. That means more versatility and flexibility for your preferred loadout. Check out this segment with Phil Bolus for a deeper look at some of the specific changes to skill perks, durability, and higher rarity drops. There’s even a new method to reduce the randomness of Expedition Boss loot. Any Expedition specific named item can be salvaged, which produces a new type of resource that can be used to craft your desired drop.

Trade Skill Improvements

This month’s final section explores changes to trade skill progression. Some skills like logging and fishing will level up to 200 faster, while others such as crafting will grant more experience for T4 and T5 crafts.

The team hopes salvaging will become more rewarding thanks to a new mechanic. When salvaging you will now have a chance to get a perfect salvage. This gives you a resource that can be used to research trade skill experience, craft other items, or salvage for a bunch of repair parts. Tune into Phil’s rundown for more information.

We appreciate your support, and we’ll see you in Aeternum!