New World Update 1.1.1

30 November 2021

New World Update 1.1.1 will release at 11pm PT (7am UTC) on November 30.

Greetings Adventurers!

This week’s update is focused on resolving some of the issues that have arisen from our November Update. Our development team is continually working on improving the New World experience and they thank you all for your patience and reports that you continue to make on the official forums. A full list of changes and fixes can be found below.

Motes from Elemental enemies:
  • Fixed an issue causing a large number of motes to drop from elemental enemies.

  • We also removed elemental motes as rewards from gathering elemental creatures and reduced the amount of other resources acquired from them to account for the number of them in the world and the frequency at which they respawn. The original intention with these creatures was to make them challenging and infrequent encounters in the world. The way we used them in practice resulted in them becoming less dangerous and more frequent which caused an imbalance with the amount of resources they provided, compared to the primary sources such as elemental plants and stones.

Missing Horticulture Gear

In our latest update, we made a mistake that treated all tiers of the in-game Horticulture harvesting gear as future content, and unintentionally removed them from the game. We apologize for this bug that has caused you to lose some items you rightfully earned. If you have lost an acquired piece of Harvester Armor you should have an extra Rewards Chest in your Inventory after this update.

These items will be provided at the highest tier you have personally acquired in the past for any piece of the Harvester set. Since they are at the maximum Gear Score for that tier, they will be gated by the appropriate player level to equip them. These items are marked as Bind on Equip like any Harvester armor piece you would encounter normally. Once you open the chest it will provide you 5 items:

  • Harvester Hat

  • Harvester Shirt

  • Harvester Gloves

  • Harvester Pants

  • Harvester Shoes

  • Re-enabled trading, moving, and salvaging of furnishings/housing items

  • Fixed a bug where Jewel crafting recipes were not granting enough trade skill XP

  • Recently we lowered the amount of trade skill XP provided by lower tiered items when a player reaches a new tier of crafting bases per skill. To use metal as an example, when a player unlocks Steel recipes they earn less from crafting iron recipes. We did this to emphasize crafting higher tiered items as you progress through trade skills and to also improve the value of higher tiered materials. Our intention behind this change is to reward players for crafting higher tiered items as they progress through the ranks of each trade skill. Before this change, we found players were spending too much time crafting low tier items as opposed to pushing their crafting skill up crafting items that they may actually use at their current level.

  • Fixed an issue where players were not able to fill Buy Orders from local Storage Sheds

  • Technical groundwork for server merges

  • War performance enhancements

General Bug Fixes

  • Void Gauntlet - Fix to Oblivion not going onto cooldown if player swapped weapons during skill startup

  • Void Gauntlet - Fix to consumable status effects being cleansed by Oblivion

  • Fixed an issue that was causing Jewelcrafting to not award appropriate amounts of XP for higher-tier crafts

  • Fixed an issue preventing players from earning the Lumberjack achievement

Thanks for your support! We'll see you in Aeternum.