New World Update 1.9.1

11 April 2023

Greetings, Adventurers!

New World Update 1.9.1 downtime will begin at 11:00PM PT (6:00AM UTC) on April 11 and kicks off the Rabbit’s Revenge event. Hunt down Corrupted Rabbits for event-specific rewards.

Rabbit’s Revenge

The plague of rabbits has returned once again, only now, they are more perilous than ever! Watch out for explosions as you hunt for event-specific loot from April 12 to April 25. Thanks to player feedback from last year, each rare drop is now guaranteed after slaying a certain number of corrupted rabbits. Check out the full reward and lore breakdown for more details.

  • “We really wanted to have a whimsical Monty Python type threat with these hordes of Corrupted Rabbits,” said Product Owner Phil Bolus. “They look infected with Corruption, so we decided to incorporate a playful and absurd tone. We have an affix on Elite Corrupted enemies where they explode into a pool of Corruption that damages players and thought ‘exploding rabbits?’ It was an easy ‘Hell yes!’ after that.”

  • “The rewards were inspired by an iconic game where creepy enemies attack you while wearing rabbit masks. We thought that could be a very fun and playful take on a helmet skin that made sense with our setting. Similar to the Turkey Leg boots from the Turkulon event, we’re looking at ways to routinely add more flavor to our rewards.”

World Experience

  • Updated POI restrictions to ensure players can complete "Weaver's Weave".

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to not receive "The Curse of Caer Dun" quest rewards upon completion.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Free Camera to not deactivate after releasing its corresponding key (Left Alt) when entering Expeditions, game modes, or fast traveling.

  • Fixed an issue with the quest 'Unexpected Prisoner' that prevented players from completing the encounter with Fulgoris.


  • Fixed a rare issue that prevented players from defeating the Empyrean Forge boss.

  • Fixed an issue that caused some of Commander Marius's volcanic eruptions to hit players well beyond their visual edge.

  • Fixed an exploit for the Empyrean Forge quest, "A Toymaker's Request" and reactivated it.

Economy, Progression, & Gear

  • Some items received unintended attribute perks in the previous update. Affected items will be re-rolled as part of this change. Some may even become Legendary.

  • Removed several potential rewards from the Seasons Furniture Gift Chest loot pool obtained from the Season Pass free track.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Juniper bags from dropping.

  • Fixed a naming issue with the Empyrean Gauntlets.

  • Fixed an issue that caused refining resources to not properly count the full amount.


  • Ice Gauntlet

    • Fixed an issue that caused the Ice Pylon ability to get stuck in cooldown.

    • Changed the perk Thwarting Counter back to Sturdy on the Cold Stone Ice Gauntlet.

Game Modes

  • PvP Arenas

    • Fixed an issue that prevented players from changing equipment while in the Arena Spectator Box.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the 'Flame Core Hoarder' Journey task to not properly count each crafted item.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Camp Skin previews to not appear in the Store.

  • The default New World music now plays on the main menu.

Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in the wilds of Aeternum.