Season of the Guardian: Controller Sale

02 April 2024

Greetings, Adventurers!

This article was updated on April 4: Thank you for the overwhelming interest in our controller promotion. We have run out of stock at this price. Please look forward to future sales!

Celebrate the release of native controller support with 30% off the Xbox Gold Shadow controller through Use Coupon Code SEASON5 at checkout to claim your discount. This limited-time offer will run until 9AM PT on April 9 or while supplies last. Note that the promo code can only be used once per player. Learn more about the promotion details here.

Native Controller Support

Here’s how native controller support will enhance your experience in Aeternum. At launch, you can choose from two pre-set controller layouts. As part of optimizing New World for controller play, we've introduced the following new features and settings.

  • Aim Assist

    • Assists with aiming ranged attacks.

    • Available only on a controller and exclusively against AI enemies (PvP aim assist will be reevaluated for future seasons).

  • Target Friction

    • Reduces reticle speed when hovering over a valid target.

    • Available only on a controller.

  • Enemy Target Lock

    • Enables you to lock the camera onto an AI enemy (PvP target lock will be reevaluated for future seasons).

    • Supported by both controller (move the right stick to switch between multiple targets) and Mouse and Keyboard (Middle Mouse Button and Mouse Wheel Up/Down) input methods.

  • Freeform Movement

    • Allows running in all directions, including towards the camera.

    • Holding Block/Aim will revert to normal strafe navigation.

    • Activating Target Lock will strafe around the locked target.

    • Defaulted to "on" only while using a controller input device.

    • In addition, backwards movement has been sped up in normal strafe navigation.

  • Use Camera Direction for Melee Attacks:

    • When off, allows melee attacks and blocking in the direction of your input/character facing instead of camera facing.

    • Defaults to "off" only with while using a Mouse and Keyboard input devices.

  • Improved Accessibility

    • New radial menu for quick access to commonly used functions like emotes, commands, and camping.

    • New Shift modifiers for quick access to all combat abilities.

    • UI Help Bars and shortcut buttons provide an improved user experience while navigating the UI with a controller.

We will continue to make improvements for the controller experience, like custom controller mapping and speech to text, in future updates. Check out our deep dive for developer interviews, plus additional insight. Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.