April 4 - July 6

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Season 1

Welcome to

New World Seasons last approximately 3 months and introduce new features, gameplay experiences, and a Season Pass with two reward tracks — Free and Premium. Each reward track will feature 100 tiers of unlockable rewards for new emotes, skins, gear, and other seasonal loot.

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The Silver Crows

New Story

Assemble an elite team of mercenaries called the Silver Crows to confront a powerful Warlock and the Varangian horde and halt their ambitions amidst the flames of the Empyrean Forge.

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Empyrean Forge

New Expedition

Investigate the presence of Corruption within an Ancient instrumentality complex deep inside a newly discovered necropolis in Great Cleave, and activate the forge to stop the flow of a mysterious magic within.

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Fire Storm

New Heartrune Ability

When equipped and activated, send a tornado that deals damage to targets in its path.

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Gear Set Storage

Quickly switch between various combinations of gear for just the right situation.

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Seasonal Events

A large corrupted rabbit sits in the foreground/ Glowing red eyes, red streaks through it's skin. An adventurer stands before it with a gun aimed.
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Rabbit’s Revenge

April 12 - April 25

Hunt down the corrupted rabbits that are infesting Aeternum to earn special event-limited rewards.

An adventurer stands surrounded by yellow and purple blooms with rainbow leaves above their head.
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Springtide Bloom

April 26 - May 23

Help the enigmatic Bloom Herald unravel the mysteries of the ethereal Wispybloom and collect Springtide's fertile bounty of event-limited rewards.

Adventurers gather in a circle to fight foes in a misty green swampland type environment.
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Fury of the Spriggan

May 24 - June 13

Use a newly discovered power to defeat a group of Dryads from awakening a Spriggan and earn daily event-limited rewards.

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Season Pass

Earn Season XP to unlock a bounty of unique seasonal rewards and loot by playing New World!

Buy the Premium Reward Track with Marks of Fortune to unlock the ability to earn additional premium rewards.

The Premium Reward Track is available for purchase using Marks of Fortune at any point during the Fellowship & Fire Season.  Marks of Fortune can be purchased in packs from the in-game store.

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