Adventurer Spotlight: Newb World

May 16, 2024

Greetings, Adventurers!

Get to know some of your fellow Adventurers throughout Community Convergence. Our first profile spotlights Newb World, a longtime player with passion for the story of Aeternum. Newb World covers lore, guides, and unique community events on their YouTube channel. When they’re not capturing footage for series like The Story of New World, they run dailies, work towards top tier trophies, or jump into any content depending on their mood. Here’s how Newb World found their niche on Aeternum.

First Memory of New World

“New World looked so fun in all of the trailers and pre-release tests,” Newb World said. “I was a console gamer at the time, but eventually got a nice PC, picked up the game on sale, and fell in love. After 2,000 hours, I still look forward to logging in, not to mention coming up with video ideas whilst at work.”

The Start of a Channel

“I never thought I'd make content until I realized how much I liked the game. I felt I wasn't good enough to make guides, so I started with a small project — video footage of each elemental effect on every weapon type. This was before transmog released.”

“The views were better than my previous channels. I had a blast capturing footage, editing, and experimenting with different content. One and a half years later, I’m still enjoying myself. My goal is to make at least 1 video per week, on my days off of work. The community was a massive part of my decision. All of those positive comments made me want to stay and be a part of it.”

Transmog Contest

“When transmog came out, I hosted a contest with random people. The fun, unique outfits people brought motivated me to do it again with higher video production. I also wanted to better tap into the community, which sparked collaborations with some of my favorite content creators.”

“Thank you to DannehTV, itsGlaive, BDLG, TrickTrick, Goddess009, Savvvo, JoshsTip, and vXBlackSwanXv for joining the contest. From there, I built a massive stage and judging section in my house, coordinated everyone's schedule, received all of the submissions, tallied the judges' scores, and finally began editing. It took over 15 hours. I also want to thank the random people in Maramma that emoted for extra video footage.”

“I’ve never been more proud of a video. Working with all of these amazing people was a great experience. The response from each one, plus the community as a whole was really heartwarming. It’s something I'll never forget.”

The Story of New World

“Following the announcement of the main story quest (MSQ) rework, I realized I had rushed through the story to reach end game faster. I wasn't sure what was happening on Aeternum. That was a great opportunity to go back, dig deeper into the lore, and take the community along for the journey.”

“I constantly have to stop and work on my series as to not get too far ahead. I always want to hurry back to take the small, encouraging group of people that follow it on the next step in our adventure. I can't wait to experience the rest of the updated zone stories, Ebonscale and Shattered Mountain in particular, especially since I couldn't resist watching the new cutscenes. They're a massive step up from anything I've seen up to this point."

Forging Connections

“Since starting the series, the story does feel far more personal. I wrote the first episode in first person, but it didn't feel right, so I changed it to third. Now I get into my character's head more and the story feels more like it's happening to me.”

“When I received Barkimedes’ Puppy as a reward for an Amrine Excavation quest, I needed to figure out how to weave him into my character's narrative, why the puppy looks different from his father, a backstory, a name, and the character's response. Luckily, I mentioned in a previous episode that Jin-Jae gave me a house in reference to the first house discount system in New World. Next, if the puppy's going to be there and I'm out, I'll need a dog house with water, food, and bathing stations. I bought any furniture I could use from the Trading Post to get all of that done. But you can't leave a dog alone for too long, so I said that Jin-Jae would check on him when I was out of town, as she lived next door.“

“One small little detail sent me down a massive rabbit hole that took over an hour to complete. On my first character, I didn't even know I had that puppy or where I got him. Now, every time I teleport to that house, I see him and remember my journey. I am slowly building a personal connection with the story, but didn't have one going into this series.”

Favorite Part of the Story

“My favorite part has to be the Isabella arc, especially after her backstory with Father Russo was fleshed out in the updated MSQ. It really humanizes her. In my first playthrough of the old MSQ, I wanted to take her down. This time I felt sorry for her. That change was only from watching the new cutscenes, since I skipped the dialogue to save it for my lore series. I can only imagine how much more I will feel when I look deeper into the lore.“

Look forward to more The Story of New World and new series like a competitive Dueling League from Newb World in the future. We’ll feature additional spotlights throughout Community Convergence. Thanks for your support and we’ll see you in Aeternum.