Autumn Steam Sale

November 21, 2023

Greetings, Adventurers!

New World continues to grow, change, and adapt thanks to player feedback, seasonal content, and expansive narratives. Since the game launched in September 2021, Aeternum now features more Expeditions, weapons, threats, zones, and game modes. There are also revamped main storyline quests and vast quality of life improvements.

Players who have yet to experience Aeternum can pick up New World for up to 60% off during the Steam Autumn Sale now through November 28. The Standard, Deluxe and Azoth Editions will be 60% off. Those interested in both the base game and the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion can pick up the Elysian Edition bundle for 34% off. Rise of the Angry includes mounts, a transformed zone, the Flail, and additional endgame content.

Discover the post-launch updates and player-driven improvements that make now the best time to play.

Revamped Main Storyline

Almost every zone has been overhauled based on player feedback. The few remaining original zones will be revamped in a future release. Here’s what to expect:

  • Start the adventure with friends: Players spawn in one of several zones at the beginning of the game. Head to a friend’s location to play early quests together.

  • Multiple ways for solo and group players to progress: There are different objectives for certain quests that give you the option to remain solo or join a group of players depending on your preferred experience.

  • Diverse objectives to keep gameplay fresh: Objectives range from puzzle and traversal challenges to unique interactions with the world and dynamic events. There’s always something new to find.

  • An epic adventure surrounding the mysteries of Aeternum: Conquer new enemies, obstacles, and locations to reveal the truth about the Eternal Isle.

New Zone: Brimstone Sands

Death hovers over the scorched wastes of Brimstone Sands, its thirst still unsatisfied even after centuries of strife and war. Roughly the size of 2.5 Everfalls, this zone features new enemies to fight, a new territory to control, and new stories to uncover.

New Expedition Storylines

Tempest’s Heart

Pursue the Tempest into a corrupted dimension of reality, through the twisted capital city of Myrkgard, then discover the secrets of Isabella’s past as you dive deeper into her corrupted mind.

Barnacles & Black Powder

Rumors suggest there might be an even greater power within the Admiral’s hold. Not to mention, more than meets the eye…

The Ennead

Explore ancient mysteries with Imhotep, battle powerful Sand Demons, and perhaps, if you persist, restore the rightful ruler who can finally bring order and hope to the region after centuries of chaos.

Empyrean Forge

Pursue the commanders of Sir Loth, a knight of Artorius, to stop the flow of elemental magic deep within an Ancient Forge.

New Ways to PvP

Influence Races

Capture new Influence Towers and strike down enemy Factions in open world combat for territorial supremacy. Regardless of who wins, the attacking Faction with the most influence can escalate the conflict into War.

3v3 PvP Arenas

Find the best team weapon combination based on your playstyle to wipe out foes before each 2-minute round ends. A deadly ring of fire will appear when the timer runs low. How will you engage the enemy inside a shrinking battlefield?

PvP Rewards Track

Our PvP Rewards Track encourages players to join all forms of PvP, including open-world activities, for special prizes. Look forward to new gear, weapons, emotes, and more.

New Weapons

Players can now use a total of 16 unique weapons. Mix and match your favorites for something fresh. You can also customize each weapon’s distinct skill trees to best suit your playstyle.

Void Gauntlet

Players looking for something different should take advantage of this magical damage/support hybrid weapon to support allies and debilitate enemies. A wide arsenal of buffs and debuffs make the Void Gauntlet perfect for players that want to significantly bolster allies at the expense of their enemies in group combat.


The Blunderbuss combines high-mobility with potent short-to-mid range damage. It’s the first weapon to scale on Strength and Intelligence, making it a good companion for bruiser or mage builds.

Great Sword

This blade utilizes offensive and defensive stances to adapt to different situations. Learn the risks and rewards of each option to survive in battle.


Elite Trial: Arena of Shah Neshen, The Devourer

Enter the Arena of Shah Neshen, the Devourer, and defeat the massive sandwurm for elite rewards in a challenging new PvE game mode for 20 Level 60 players.

The Hatchery

Fight through waves of enemies to earn unique rewards in a new activity for 10+ Level 60 players.

Seasonal Content

Each Season introduces fresh content like a new Season Pass, Journey, new Activity Activity Card, new Challenges, and new rewards. Many also include a seasonal narrative featuring Grace O’Malley and an elite team of mercenaries called the Silver Crows.

Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion

The lush greenery of Elysian Wilds, powerful new combat options, and primordial Beast Lords await those brave enough to challenge Artemis. You will need to purchase Rise of the Angry Earth to experience the following updates:

New Story

First Light has fallen. Once a welcoming place for newcomers to Aeternum, the lands have been overtaken by the fury of the Angry Earth. No one is certain what has become of the people and villages that once populated the area, and a deadly bramble has kept all but the most intrepid from attempting to find out. This abundance of earthly powers has awakened the mighty Beast Lords, a new possible adversary facing the people of Aeternum… but with them also comes a boon - the secret to taming and riding animals.


Summon a mount for faster traversal across Aeternum. Master horses, dire wolves, and lions, each with a unique look, customizable equipment and a name you can set. Level up the new Riding Trade Skill to earn upgrades like increased speeds, buffs and higher tier consumable food for your new friend.

A Zone Transformed: Elysian Wilds

The southeastern tip of Aeternum, formerly known as First Light, has been invaded by the powers of Artemis and the Angry Earth. Explore the raised structures of this magical new landscape and battle the ferocious beasts that have taken refuge in the verdant, unsettled terrain.

New Weapon: Flail

The Flail is a versatile one-handed weapon with the option for an offhand shield. Use arcane magic to enhance attacks and buff allies or debuff enemies for an easier victory. Through a combination of melee, arcane magic, and strong defenses, the wielder can bolster their group’s effectiveness without dropping the offensive.

New Gear Rarity: Artifacts

Find and equip Artifacts, a powerful new tier of weapons and armor. Complete a series of quests and awaken the Artifact’s full potential by unlocking its six perks including one unique playstyle-defining perk to change your game.

New Progression

Increase your character’s level to 65 and Gear Score to 700 with new attributes to help power up your builds. Increase Trade Skills to level 250 with new items to gather, refine and craft. Complete a new Faction Quest and unlock a new Faction tier loaded with desirable gear and items.

New Expedition: The Savage Divide

The powers of Artemis flourish within these caverns of stone and ancient root. Embark on a dangerous new Level 62+ Expedition to track down the primordial Beast Lords before pandemonium emerges from the depths of Aeternum. The elemental chaos of the Savage Divide awaits.

New Heartrune Ability: Primal Fury

Turn into a hulking beast, tower over enemies, and ravage foes with unarmed light and heavy attacks.


Fight Turkulon for the Grand Gobbler

Satisfy your hunger for carnage with the succulent Grand Gobbler War Hammer when Turkulon returns now through November 28. Hunt down the Feathered Avenger of Death and his ‘fowl army’ to earn unique, event-specific items. Thanks to player feedback from last year, loot will now drop more frequently. There are also even more desirable rewards, like a giant turkey leg, waiting to be served.

What else is new?

  • Gear Set Storage: Quickly save and switch between your favorite gear sets after reaching Level 25.

  • Easier leveling: It now takes players less time to level up and improve required Trade Skills.

  • Heartrune abilities: Players can now further customize their playstyle through Heartrune abilities. Once fully charged through combat actions, players can trigger an ability. Experiment with and upgrade each one to find a favorite.

  • More build variety: Thanks to player feedback, we’ve removed Creature Bane Perks, Creature Ward Perks, Resilience Perks, and Expertise. As a result, you can now enjoy more build variety.

What’s next in December?

  • Eternal Frost: Eternal Frost will release on December 12 and include the Glacial Tarn Expedition, new Artifacts, a new seasonal narrative, a new Season Pass, seasonal events, inventory improvements, weapon balance updates, and more. Rise of the Angry Earth is required to access the Glacial Tarn Expedition, Artifacts, and seasonal narrative.

  • Winter Convergence Festival: Icy winds and glimmering Gleamites fill the air once again as Winter Convergence returns to Aeternum. Visit Winter villages to meet the Winter Wanderer and carry out his holiday quests. Players can also rally a party of 20+ Adventurers to fight the Winter Warrior. Collect Winter Tokens to earn new limited-time rewards including festive skins, emotes, housing items and more.

Thanks for your support! We’re excited to continue working on the future of New World. All of these changes and the Steam Autumn Sale make now the best time to play. We’ll see you in Aeternum.