Battle for New World

July 19, 2021

Note, the New World launch date has been changed from 8/31 to 9/28 and has been updated within this article.

The New World Closed Beta has arrived and the competition is heating up. Watch your favorite Twitch Streamers from around the globe as they reach the shores of Aeternum and fight for control of the land. They’ll strive to complete a list of objectives to earn points for their team, constantly battling to stay at the top of the leaderboard.

Battle for New World will run throughout the entirety of Closed Beta, from July 20 - August 2. Over that time, each Faction will be competing to make sure they emerge victorious. The team with the most points at the end of the event will be crowned the winner, and to the victor go the spoils. Every member of the winning team will get 100 copies of the game to give away to their communities. Every member of the victorious crew will also gain access to a special Twitch Drop, only available to the winners, to run on their channels for the first week after New World launches on September 28.

Faction Leaders

Each of the teams competing in Battle for New World will be made up of a Faction Leader and 10 Governors. It will be up to them to decide how to best keep their team on the top of the Leaderboard. Will they focus on high point objectives or tackle many smaller ones? Group up together or have a team of lone-wolves? There are many ways to go about becoming the ultimate champion of Aeternum. Let’s see what they do. For a full list of objectives and links to the participants Twitch channels, you can find the Battle for New World point and objective legend here.

NA Faction Leaders

326 KB

Heading up the Covenant is none-other than Sacriel. His sharp mind and attention to detail make him someone you’re going to want to keep an eye on. Rounding out the rest of his team are:

  • Shroud

  • Bnans

  • Anthony_Kongphan

  • Grimmmz

  • Sequisha

  • Danotage

  • Arex

  • Fairlight_Excalibur

  • Cypheroftyr

  • Xmiramira

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Known for being a Warhammer wielding badass, Smashley is here to to crush and take no prisoners. You’ll often find her in the thick of any battle, leading from the front of the fray. Joining her to fight for the Syndicate are:

  • BurkeBlack

  • Caliverse

  • ProfessorBroman

  • KatContii

  • CurvyLlama

  • CletusBueford

  • Techniq

  • DeejayKnight

  • DanielTheDemon

  • LokenPlays

329 KB

Leading the Marauders into battle is JoshOG. He may keep you laughing but don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security. JoshOG is a New World expert and will do what it takes to keep his team flying high on the Leaderboard. His trusted teammates are:

  • Bajheera

  • Towelliee

  • Kintinue

  • Ezikeyal

  • Katie

  • Ellohime

  • SolidFPS

  • Chappie

  • SniperNamedG

  • LuxieGames

EU Faction Leaders

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Armed with a wealth of experience leading the charge in MMOs, Naguura is here to make her mark on Aeternum. Her expertise in completing difficult content and teaching others how to follow in her footsteps will makes her a natural leader and a force to be reckoned with. Aiding Naguura’s quest for victory are:

  • Ettnix

  • Kurolily

  • The P4wnyhof

  • Fextralife

  • Pepp

  • AnnieFuchsia

  • g4g_revenant

  • LowkoTV

  • Zmok

  • Snowmixy

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ZeratoR has proven his leadership in the gaming community and prowess across a variety of games. He’s been training for this moment without realizing it and is ready to lead his forces to victory. The other Syndicate warriors joining him are:

  • CaMaK

  • Maghla

  • AlphaCast

  • Bob Lennon

  • Krayn

  • Moman

  • Joueur Du Grenier

  • kennystream

  • Gius

  • Tonton

322 KB

Last, but certainly not least, is the one and only Gronkh. His domination in the gaming world is irrefutable, and he’s ready to bring that same domination to the competition. Helping him charge toward victory will be:

  • Entenburg

  • metashi12

  • Dhalucard

  • Lara loft

  • Bonjwa

  • Phunk Royal

  • Shlorox

  • Anni the Duck

  • TinkerLeo

  • Mowky

Battle For New World Twitch Extension

All participants in the Battle for New World will be running an event specific Twitch Extension on their channels as they play New World. Twitch Extensions are experiences that allow you to interact live with each creator’s broadcast. When the Extension is enabled, you will see the Extension specific icon as an overlay on the broadcast window. Simply click on the icon to launch the full Extension and follow the instructions to start participating.

Using this Extension while you watch your favorite Battle for New World streamer, you’ll be able to collect resources that appear on the stream to earn points and craft weapons. Weapons will craft automatically in your inventory as you gather the necessary resources. Collecting rarer resources will earn you more points, and the more points you collect the closer you’ll be to earning a prize! Open up the Extension while watching Battle for New World for more instructions.

See you in Aeternum. May the best team win.