Season 2 Character Spotlights

June 23, 2023

Greetings, Adventurers!

One of the most enduring mysteries of Brimstone Sands is the massive creature known as the Devourer. An ancient group calling themselves the Blood of the Sands, and their leader Malek, have emerged from the shadows to seek help in finding the eggs of these beasts. Get to know the characters from Season 2 - Blood of the Sands and then continue their story in-game on July 6.

Rima Bahar

  • “You in the back! I can’t hear you singing! Let’s go!”

  • “What I seek is more valuable - it's inspiration whether by story or song.”

  • “The chance to partner with you and bear witness to your heroic deeds… that is a bonus.”

  • “I’ve met stately, noble gentry; And shipwrecked men of twenty!”

  • “Ah, you’re wondering where this map leads? I may know someone who can tell you...”

  • Where to find Rima: Entertaining in taverns throughout Aeternum

  • Cultural background: Persian

  • Occupation: Lively performer, Seeker of Secrets

  • Likes: A good rousing performance, talented musicians, deciphering lost mysteries

  • Dislikes: Hecklers, snapping for applause, messy campsites

  • Little-known facts about Rima: She may, or may not, have a network of spies at her disposal

About Rima

Rima is a traveling bard, a scholar, and collector of knowledge. She travels the sands of Brimstone, learning what she can about the history of her home, and performing for taverns and inns to earn her keep. She is secretive about her past and how she came to Aeternum. If you were to ask ten people about Rima, you would get ten different answers about her history. Still, she has been to all the known corners of Aeternum, which suggests she has lived on the island for longer than she admits.

Although Rima does a fair bit of traveling, she always finds her way back to the desert cities, regaling the people of New Corsica with tales from across Aeternum. Few people know the desert as well as she does, and she will often delve into the mysteries and secrets of Brimstone when she isn’t performing.

Rima isn’t driven by the promise of gold and riches as many others might be, as adventure seems to be its own reward to her. Getting on her good side can often be done by offering a journey to a place she hasn’t been or deciphering an enticing mystery in some forgotten ruins. Wherever adventure, music, and good times can be found, be assured that Rima Bahar will be at the center of it.


  • “The Blood of the Sands will reclaim their rightful place!”

  • Where to find Malek: Searching the sands of Brimstone for the eggs of the Devourers

  • Cultural background: Persian

  • Occupation: Leader of the Blood of the Sands

  • Likes: Researching history, exploring ruins, loyalty

  • Dislikes: Those that forget the past

  • Little-known facts about Malek: Not a lot is known about Malek - he keeps things to himself

About Malek

Malek is the leader of the Blood of the Sands, a group of desert dwellers who claim to have a lineage that stretches back into the grand past of Brimstone. Although the group had rarely been seen until recently, Malek has worked to bring them back into the world, claiming a great history that he wants to rebuild. They have built a small outpost in the eastern sands of Brimstone where they recruit members and work on their secretive agenda.

Malek himself is something of an enigma. No one seems to be sure where he came from and how he came to lead the order. Still, his charisma and passion help him guide the group, who see him as something of a savior. While secretive, Malek and the Blood of the Sands are not above hiring the right hands to do the work that they cannot, and several mercenaries have found themselves in his employ.

Whoever Malek really is and what his aims are may be unknown, but there is no question that he is leading the Blood of the Sands into a new era, and there seems to be little that will stop him.

Sharif Shara

  • “The sands are my bed and the sky is my blanket. I am free.”

  • “What’s better than good food, good song, and a dark-haired beauty by your side?”

  • “I could find the ruins you’re looking for... if the coin is right.”

  • Where to find Sharif: Wandering the sands of Brimstone, going where the wind takes him

  • Cultural background: Arabic

  • Occupation: Wanderer, thief, treasure hunter

  • Likes: Finding treasure, living free, nights at the tavern

  • Dislikes: Responsibility, getting caught

  • Little-known facts about Sharif: He’s not as carefree as he professes...

About Sharif

Scoundrel, thief, bandit... Sharif has many names among the people of Brimstone, and few of them are flattering. Many a traveling merchant and unwitting caravan have had their load lightened by him, if rumors around New Corsica are to be believed. It is hard to dispute those rumors, as Sharif will disappear for weeks at a time, only to suddenly return to the tavern with a bag full of coin.

However, it’s his free-spirited attitude that also earns him something of a folk hero status, even when people are cursing his name for their missing coin. His carefree spirit and natural charisma seem to blunt many sharp words directed his way, and an enemy at the beginning of the night often becomes a fast friend by the end. It seems few stay angry with the desert wanderer for long.

Despite his carefree demeanor, few know the ruins of Brimstone as well as Sharif Shara. He seems to possess an uncanny knowledge of many of the ruins, often describing their history and past use. Scholars of the desert scoff at his ideas, only to find out how accurate his stories are during further studies. When asked how he knows the ruins so well, all Sharif does is wink and toss a few coins to the tavern keeper.

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