February Armor & Weapon Bundles

February 28, 2022

Greetings, Adventurers!

On February 28, four bundles (two weapon skin bundles and two armor skin bundles) will be introduced into the in-game store. Each armor bundle comes stocked with three full skin sets— each outfit is a complete set that can be applied to headwear, chestwear, gloves, legwear, and footwear. The weapon skin bundles include a variety of weapon skins (5 in the Runic Weapon bundle and 4 in the Angels and Demons bundle), so you’ll always have something for whatever weapon the adventure calls for.

Each of these bundles pro-rate the armor and weapon skins, so if you’ve already purchased something in the bundle, that will reduce the cost of the bundle. There’s no rotation out of the store scheduled for these bundles yet - and we’ll let you know via the timer in the in-game store when that day comes.

Runic Armor Bundle

"When marauders appear on the coast, both good and evil souls tremble in fear."

Bundle Contains:

  • Runic Jackal

  • Runic Bear

  • Runic Fox

Cost: 30,000 Marks of Fortune

Runic Weapon Bundle

"Weapons engraved with the mystic runes of a fearsome warrior culture."

  • Bundle Contains:

  • Howl at Dawn

  • Crescent Fang

  • Twin Wolves

  • Dragon's Coil

  • Fenrir's Howl

Cost: 30,000 Marks of Fortune

Angels and Demons Armor Bundle

"On Aeternum, good and evil, the holy and the unholy, wrap around each other like twisted vines."

Bundle Contains:

  • Aegis of Providence

  • Cambion Husk

  • Righteous Guardian

Cost: 30,000 Marks of Fortune

Angels and Demons Weapon Bundle

"Will you choose weapons imbued with the light of grace, or those extracted from the chaos of the inferno?"

Bundle Contains:

  • Harmonic Restoration

  • Destroyer's Wrath

  • Fire and Brimstone

  • Divine Vengeance

Cost: 28,000 Marks of Fortune

Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.