February Store Update

February 14, 2022

Greetings Adventurers!

On February 14 a fresh lineup of cosmetic items detailed below will be added into the in-game store. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with unique armor, weapon, and toolskins, alongside housing décor items. Other than a few exceptions noted below that are staying a little longer, these items will be available in exchange for Marks of Fortune until March 21.

For players looking to pick up large quantities of Marks of Fortune, we’ve added a new currency bundle containing 120,000 Marks. Players looking for larger sums will no longer need to purchase multiple smaller bundles.

Armor Skins

Each outfit found below is a complete set, with skins that can be applied to headwear, chestwear, gloves, legwear, and footwear.

Fool for Love

"For those who find themselves lost in frequent bouts of admiration and swooning."

Cost: 15,000 Marks of Fortune

Knight of Devotion

"Upon donning this armor your chest swells with the urge to protect the innocent, the unguarded, and the lovers of the world."

Cost: 15,000 Marks of Fortune


"Rising from the dark and twisting sea, a deadly wave crashes ashore."

Cost: 14,000 Marks of Fortune

Weapon Skins

Seasonal Skins

The following seasonal items will be available within the in-game store until March 21.

Cupid's Bow - Bow Weapon Skin

"These arrows find a home in the heart of an enemy and their bruised imprint stays there forevermore."

Cost: 8,500 Marks of Fortune

Glowing Admiration - Fire Staff Skin

"The flames of my affection cannot be tamed."

Cost: 8,500 Marks of Fortune

Love's Cool Embrace - Ice Gauntlet Skin

"Not all forms of love require the flames of passion."

Cost: 7,500 Marks of Fortune

Piercing Beauty - Musket Skin

"If looks could kill, you wouldn't need this gun."

Cost: 8,500 Marks of Fortune

Heartpiercer - Rapier Skin

"Much like an arrow of Cupid, its tip seeks to sink into a heart and endear itself there forever."

Cost: 8,500 Marks of Fortune

Crush - Warhammer Skin

"Is that heavy feeling in your body from seeing your beloved, or is it from the hammer they're burying into your chest?"

Cost: 7,500 Marks of Fortune

Non-seasonal Skins

The following weapon skins don’t have an end-date yet - we’ll provide notice in the in-game store before they rotate out.

Hallelujah Cannon - Musket Skin

"And so the mountains rang with the cry of Hallelujah!"

Cost: 8,500 Marks of Fortune

Angelic Bulwark - Tower Shield Skin

"To protect from wickedness and champion purity one must have a proper shield."

Cost: 8,500 Marks of Fortune

Spark of Light - Rapier Skin

"A beacon to slice through the darkness, to lift the spirits of all who see it wielded by a champion of the light."

Cost: 8,500 Marks of Fortune

Moloch's Fall - Void Gauntlet

"A fallen angel makes for a monstrous bearer of sacrifice."

Cost: 8,500 Marks of Fortune

Tool Skin Bundle

Labor of Love

"Love benefits from great effort… and the accumulation of resources."

Cost: 20,000 Marks of Fortune


  • Charming Cudgel - "Close the pesky portals that lie between your settlement and your love's."

  • The Heartful Hook - "Fish for underwater creatures and for compliments alike with this royal purple rod."

  • Lumberlove - "Love as sharp as an axe edge for the felling of trees."

  • Heartthrob Pick - "Break that rock just like they broke your heart!"

  • Sweetheart Sickle - "Best at harvesting plants for bouquets."

  • 'Til Death - "For the skinning of pelts to decorate the floor of a tent for two."

Housing Items

Corrupted Love Décor Bundle

"Furnishings perfect for a romantic evening or for being trapped in a loveless eternity on Aeternum."


  • Romantic swooning couch

  • Romantic heart chair (2)

  • Romantic Candelabra (2)

  • Romantic Sconce (2)

  • Love Letter Desk

  • Tray of Love potions

  • Exotic bubble bath

  • Romantic Bouquet (2)

  • Romantic dinner table

Cost: 20,000 Marks of Fortune



"Ride upon your trusty steed."

Cost: 6,000 Marks of Fortune

Give Flower

"Who would not be wooed by petals so bright and fragrance so sweet?"

Cost: 5,000 Marks of Fortune


"The breathless euphoria of true and undying love. Literally undying."

Cost: 5,000 Marks of Fortune

Consumable Dye Packs

To help adjust the aesthetic of your favorite armor pieces in-game, five dye packs will also be available. Each of the dye packs cost 3,000 Marks of Fortune, and includes 5 consumable dyes that can be applied to your armor sets.

  • Soft Coal

  • Blemished Pearl

  • Blond

  • Sushi Green

  • Butterfly Wing

Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.