PvP Reward Track Revamp & New Arena Design

June 12, 2023

Greetings, Adventurers!

Season 2 - Blood of the Sands will introduce a new PvP Reward Track for players to make the most of the upcoming PvP content. Earn exclusive, new emotes, weapons, and armor for playing your favorite PvP activities. How will you level up your Reward Track?

Join the Development Team for a look at how player feedback inspired the Season 2 PvP update and then read on for a glimpse into the design of the new 3v3 Arenas map:

Season 2 PvP Reward Track

The Season 2 PvP Reward Track will feature more Named items, Umbral, and Gypsum earlier in the track. Alongside the Season Pass Reward Track changes, we've curated the PvP Reward Track to bring you better, more frequent equipment and resources throughout your PvP progression. Let's highlight some of the new Season 2 rewards.

New Rewards

The new rewards include emotes, Prestige Jewelry, and 600 Gear Score Prestige weapons and armor.

Predator Weapons

  • Longsword: Predator’s Brand

  • Rapier: Predator’s Sting

  • Hatchet: Predator’s Saw

  • Spear: Predator’s Fang

  • War Hammer: Predator’s Mallet

  • Great Axe: Predator’s Hook

  • Greatsword: Predator’s Razor

  • Bow: Predator’s Web

  • Musket: Predator’s Salvo

  • Blunderbuss: Predator’s Brooding

  • Fire Staff: Predator’s Match

  • Life Staff: Predator’s Widow

  • Ice Gauntlet: Predator’s Frostbite

  • Void Gauntlet: Predator’s Hollow Grip

  • Round Shield: Predator’s Pod

  • Kite Shield: Predator’s Shell

  • Tower Shield: Predator’s Husk

New Armor

  • Grand Overseer (light armor)

  • Grand Undertaker (medium armor)

  • Grand Dominator (heavy armor)

New Emotes

  • Doff Cap Emote

  • Traffic Guide Emote

  • Facepalm Emote

  • Something Stinks Emote

New Arena Design

Combat Designer Matthew Nickerson walked us through his design process for the new 3v3 Arenas map:

“As an avid PvP player, I was ecstatic to create a new Arenas map,” Matthew said. “Very little instructions were given except for the line, “Blood and Sand”. I knew instantly what I wanted to build — A gladiator themed arena in a giant sand pit!"

“Compared to the original arena, we wanted to deliver a far more dynamic experience for both range and melee players. There were some challenges like line of sight breaks to prevent instant kills at the start of each match, hence the central elevated fountain. This three-tiered vertical layout provides countless angles and positional advantages, especially for teams that are proactive at taking space.”

“The idea for a new map originated when we saw the roadmap feedback from PvP players. They said there were few new PvP features, so I pushed for it. I’m extremely proud of our hard-working team for making it happen. All that said, we are very excited to provide this unique experience to players and look forward to the carnage.”

What PvP update would you like to see next? Let us know in the YouTube comments or on Discord. Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in the Arena.