This Week in Aeternum: Welcome to the Eternal Isle

June 21, 2024

Greetings, Adventurers!

Arrive on the Eternal Isle, navigate diverse regions, discover unique settlements, and traverse dangerous areas with the help of Grace O’Malley. Throughout your journey together, you’ll learn more about Aeternum’s many dark secrets. Touring Aeternum and Tales From Aeternum are new series designed to further immerse you in the world New World: Aeternum. Check out each episode below, plus additional insight into the magic of Azoth.

Touring Aeternum: Meet Grace O’Malley

In search of rumored riches on the Eternal Isle of Aeternum, you shipwreck and are plunged into the depths of its mysterious wrath. Grace O’Malley rescues you from the wreckage. Eager to find allies for treasure, exploration, and adventure, she teaches you the ways of the island.

Tales from Aeternum: Azoth

The cursed island of Aeternum is plagued with mystery. Join Grace for whispers of what to expect. This episode features Azoth — the source of magic and wonder. At its core, it is the life essence of the universe, an immense power capable of producing miraculous effects.

Different cultures have given Azoth various names: mana, quintessence, chi, élan vital, prana, and the fifth element. It is believed that Azoth builds and collects in various points in the universe, especially where life is abundant. But its precise origin and purpose are unknown. Earth has always been a rich repository of Azoth, and as a result, has attracted the attention of cosmic powers for millennia. Aeternum serves as a focal point for Azoth, as well as a form of refinery. Large concentrations can easily be extracted, processed, and stored throughout the Eternal Isle.

Azoth can be used in a variety of ways. It can enchant items, alter the elements, shape landscapes, instantly transport objects across great distances, and transform or even create living beings. Azoth isn’t sentient nor does it have a will of its own — it’s an unknowable energy that fosters life around it. Pure Azoth glows blue, and if not for the influence of sentient beings, would seed and magnify its surroundings into an idyllic Garden of Eden where nature exists in perfect harmony.

The substance requires psyche or will to transform reality in specific ways. For example, the Ancients sensed this energy and tapped into it to create their wonders. Azoth can also be tainted by Corruption, its power used to subjugate, corrupt, and destroy. Mastery and control of this energy source are subsequently at the center of most conflicts on Aeternum.

Look forward to experiencing Azoth firsthand when New World: Aeternum comes to Steam (PC), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on October 15. Thanks for your support!