New World May Team Update

20 May 2022

Greetings, Adventurers!

Join the New World team for the monthly Team Update video, where we discuss the upcoming Arenas update, Mutators, Varangian Knights quest chain, and XP Extravaganza. We’ll also reflect on Combat Academy, then chat about our current Devs Vs. Creators event. The update ends with team members answering questions sourced from the community, so take a look below!

The video will be sectioned by topic on YouTube, so if you’re only interested in checking out certain subjects, you’ll easily be able to navigate to them. Here’s an overview of the topics included in this month’s update.

Video Summary

3v3 PvP Arenas

Join New World team members David Hall and Scot Lane for an overview of this fast-paced, new mode. Strategy is crucial to win these small-scale battles, so look forward to learning which weapons the developers prefer to play. You’ll also hear how balance impacted matchmaking and consumable decisions. Will you focus on Arenas or one of the other PvP modes to progress through our upcoming PvP Rewards Track?

The Depths and New Mutators

The Depths is finally getting Mutators. According to Mike Willette, this Expedition is so difficult with Mutators that he can’t even reach Thorpe. Three new Mutation types will also push players to experiment with new tactics in the next update. Watch this section for the full rundown of Overgrown, Barbaric, and Fiendish.

Varangian Knights

Continue the story of the the Varangian Knights and their conquest for power. Mike Willette said the episode 2 quest chain will introduce three new POIs, including a giant fortress, with new gimmicks. These fresh destinations feature four new enemy types: the Crusher, Spearman, Hound, and Mage. Expect some of the most advanced enemy AI yet.

Combat Academy

Brittaney Chang highlights our recent Combat Academy initiative in this part of the video. We worked together with the community to spotlight a diverse range of awesome content. Explore tips, tricks, and epic moments from the community using the hashtag #NewWorldCombatAcademy on Twitter. You can also check out our curated Combat Academy playlist for some of our favorite clips.

Devs Vs. Creators

Greg Henninger, Brittaney Chang, and Katy Kaszynski provide insight into this showcase of the upcoming 3v3 Arenas mode. Enjoy their banter over whether or not the developers will put up a fight against some of your favorite New World content creators, then tune in on June 1st at 11AM PT (6PM UTC) for a Twitch Drop featuring level appropriate loot to help improve your performance in PvP battles.

XP Extravaganza

During the next part of this segment, Katy Kaszynski talks about keeping the party going for players through our XP Extravaganza. June might not have a huge update, but that doesn’t mean we’re not providing any big incentives for players to hang out in Aeternum. Look forward to double XP while refining, gathering, leveling weapons, and more. There’s even a bonus for fishing!

Community Questions

This month’s community question portion covers the state of the economy, fixes to make gameplay smoother when rooted, crafting viability, and lessons from Rabbit’s Revenge. Some of the responses from Phil, Dave, and Dave even tease parts of the upcoming May release like new spawn locations and more frequent respawns for both Starmetal and Orichalcum.

Keep the feedback coming, so we can continue addressing your questions in our upcoming Dev videos. We appreciate your support, and we’ll see you in Aeternum!