New World x The Gryphon Twitch Drop

29 May 2023

Greetings, Adventurers!

Celebrate the premiere of the Gryphon on Amazon Prime Video with the Gryphon Twitch Drop. This Drop contains 8 cosmetic items related to the lore of the show: the Gryphon Crest, Yezariael’s Visage mask, Horned Logging Axe skin, Horned Sage armor skin, Black Tower Spear skin, Black Tower armor skin, Horned Bone Hatchet skin, and Gryphon Raider armor skin. It will become available for Twitch viewers on May 29 at 8AM PT (3PM UTC). Tune into your favorite New World content creator with Drops enabled before June 25, 2023 to claim yours!

To claim the first item, viewers will need to accumulate 2 hours of watch time on a New World Twitch Channel with Drops enabled. The cosmetics will be claimable in the following order:

  1. The Gryphon Crest and Yezariael's Viage Mask (2 total hour watched): This crest represents the legendary “Gryphon,” a power from beyond that represents a threat even the Ancients could not fully comprehend. This stone mask conveys the power of a formidable combatant.

  2. Horned Logging Axe (4 total hours watched): Despite its crude appearance, this bone logging axe is brutally efficient, capable of hewing through wood and several types of stone.

  3. Horned Sage Robes (8 total hours watched): Fashioned from weather-worn skins and sacred bone, these robes radiate an earthen power.

  4. Black Tower Spear (10 total hours watched): This crude-looking spear is made of an unknown black stone adorned with naturally-occurring teeth that deliver a soul-draining bite.

  5. Black Tower Battlemail (14 total hours watched): Layered bands of cloth and blackened bone are bound with enchanted twine to strengthen this armor against any attack.

  6. Horned Bone Hatchet (16 total hours watched): The jagged bone blade on this hatchet rends the flesh of the target and inflicts them with a sense of impending doom.

  7. Gryphon Raider Jerkin (20 total hours watched): Boiled leather straps and steel buckles provide protection and flexibility when fighting against foes of any type.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure your Twitch account is linked to your Amazon Games and Steam accounts. You can find the steps you need to follow on our Twitch Drops page. This Drop is available for all content creators to enable in the New World category.

About the Gryphon

Krefelden 1994: The three outsiders Mark (Jeremias Meyer), Memo (Zoran Pingel) and Becky (Lea Drinda) discover a fantastic world called The Black Tower. There, the Gryphon, a world-devouring monster, mercilessly subjugates all living creatures. Mark finds out that he is the only one who can defeat the Gryphon. But he's no hero and doesn't want to be one. He has enough to do with school, his tantrums, and his first great love. Fighting monsters is out of the question for him. But when Mark's brother Thomas (Theo Trebs) disappears, the friends have to set off into the world of the Black Tower and face the danger.

Don’t forget to check out the Gryphon, available now exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.